[3.7] Ultimate Face Breaker Cyclone Crit! | Berserker | 30+ Million Shaper DPS [Build Guide]


Soul of Lunaris
Soul of Tukohama

1.) Pain Reaver
2.) Flawless Savagery
3.) Crave of the Slaughter
4.) Aspect of Carnage
DO NOT get Rite of Ruin. You'll die a lot!

Path of Building

Pros & Cons

- Strong Single Target
- Fast Clear Speed
- Physical Only

- Weak to physical damage
- Can't do physical reflect


Gem Links
Main Attack (Body Armor)
Vaal Cyclone + Brutality + Concentrated Effect + Infused Channeling + Melee Physical Damage + Fortify

Movement Attack (Shield)
Shield Charge + Faster Attack + Blood Magic

Trigger Buff (Helmet)
Ice Golem + Berserk + Immortal Call + CWDT

Aura Buff (Gloves)
Herald of Purity + Flesh and Stone + Precision + Enlighten

Misc (Boot)
Blood and Sand + War Banner + Phase Run + Vaal Ancestral War Chief

The Core item of this build.
- Enchant it with Commandment of Reflection or Commandment of Light
- Corrupted to get Curse Vulnerability on Hit.

The second core item for this build.
- Enchant it with 150% increased Effect of the Buff granted by your Ice Golems (Maximum increase in attack damage)

The third core item of this build

Body Armor
Get an Astral Plate that is crafted with Serrated Fossil.
- It gives you an extra socket by passively socketing a Level 1 Maim Gem to your link.
- It also gives you a -15 mana cost which means you can reserve 100% mana

- It gives to 12% to all resist

Get a Rare Boot with as much Life + Resist + Armor + Speed as possible.
- Get 10% increased Movement Speed if you haven't been Hit Recently enchant

Get this shield if you want to maximize your damage.

Get an Armor Crafted Shield if you want survivablity.
Life + Resist + Armor

Get this corrupted belt.
- Intimidates nearby enemy
- Increase Physical Damage
- Life + Resist
- Reduce Crit. Damge

Get Head Hunter if you have it.

Steel rings with Life + Resist + Adds Physical

More melee damage and Lucky Crit

My Gear

The logic of this build is to utilize all the physical buffs and advantage given to melee attacks in Legion league with all the previous buffs.

1.) Flesh & Stone + Blood & Sand
These two new buffs skills give AOE physical damage a total of 31% more damage.

2.) Precision + Ice Golem
Since the limit to hit chance has been cast away, one can get 100% hit chance without the need of Resolute Technique or Lycosidae. This new aura can help one reach that 100% hit chance.

3.) Berserk + Phase Run
Phase Run now gives more melee physical damage when activated along with the new buff Berserk that adds more melee damage and more attack speed. Resulting in an increase in 60% more physical melee damage. You can spam this move when attacking boss.

4.) Flawless Savagery
A new passive that adds crit chance + crit multiplier + added physical damage. This is the perfect skill for Face Breaker.


1.) Hit Damage = (234.5)*(0.54)*(8.16)*(359.09)*(1.12)*(1.49) = 619204.87
Base Damage = 179-290 = 234.5
Damage Effectiveness = 0.54
Increased Damage = 816%
More Damage = 35909%
Chance to deal double damage = 1.12
Effective DPS Modifier =1.49

2.) Crit Damage = (619204.87)*(4.36) = 2699733.26
Hit Damage = 619204.87
Crit. Multiplier = 4.36

3.) Average Hit = (619204.87)*(1 - 0.6147) + (2699733.26)(0.6147) = 1,904,916.91
Crit Damage = 2699733.26
Crit. Chance = 61.47%

4.) Average Damage = (1904916.91)*(0.97) = 1847769.41
Average Hit = 1904916.91
Change to Hit = 97%

Skill DPS = (1847769.41)*(13.82) = 25536173.27 DPS
Average Damage = 1847769.41
Attack Rate = 13.82
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seems legit. any video?
Video Up!
Not gonna lie, this is impressive for what it is. How much AoE can you get out of this? I realize you aren't a Duelist, and you don't have a weapon, but it looks like your hit radius is the same size as your character. That's rough for mapping lol.
CefkaPalazzo wrote:
Not gonna lie, this is impressive for what it is. How much AoE can you get out of this? I realize you aren't a Duelist, and you don't have a weapon, but it looks like your hit radius is the same size as your character. That's rough for mapping lol.

The clear speed can be compensated for with Vaal Cyclone. And I usually have no problem clearing maps since I only do maps with narrow passage like Shaped Channel, Shaped Pit, and Waterway.

Once you get to end game, you can pretty much spam Elder Guardian. And all of their maps is narrow. And after getting Head Hunter, the buffs that I get from rare monster usually give me the AOE I need to clear any maps at fast pace.

And if that isn't enough then all you need to do is get Commandment of Blades on your glove and you'll have no problem with clear speed. It chains 4 times with two projectile which will clear any creep that you didn't get to.
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Thank you for the guide!
I will sure try it.
Is there any other decent enchant on Abyssus we can use?
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Obviously your cyclone AoE is basically the size of your character, I don't have to watch a video to know that. Have you tried 6L Shield Charge for map clear?

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