[3.7] Tanky Triggering Troublemaker - Dual wield Mjölner.

I've never played a Mjölner build before and wanted to give it a go. I flew through content killing shaper on day 2 having real fun with it

I went hybrid to get a higher EHP total. I use the corrupted soul keystone (glorious vanity jewel) for the ES boost and to split damage taken so my sources of life & ES recovery are both active at the same time

I decided to duel wield as I like the idea of adding an additional chain to arc and wave of conviction hits hard while applying lightning exposure

- 4-5k Life
- 5-6k Energy shield
- Life & ES leech
- Life & ES gained on hit
- Ghost Shrouds
- Flesh and Stone
- Fortify

Somewhere around 1Mil (by my math from the pob). The video section is probably a better example. Triggering arc and wave on conviction on hit. The clear is very smooth with a 10 chain arc



Gear Breakdown

Mjölners. They trigger their socketed spells on hit

Carcass Jack for AOE, good Qol. Trickster turns the evasion into more ES so its not that much worse then a well rolled rare

Turns Strength into %ES for better scaling. Turns Int into accuracy rating which the build needs.

I'm tempted to turn this into a rare as life is more important then ES at this point but the high evasion/ES is really good with trickster and then +1 to gems allows me to keep my current aura setup so I've been keeping it

I mapped for a while with just life gain on hit gem but in the end you need the leech support which means a lightning leech amulet. Crit multi would be nice on here too but I was seeking strength and resistances. Crafting +1 melee range is good Qol

The Rest
Rares to get the rest of the stats
You need
- 150 Strength & 30 dex
- Flat Fire or Cold damage to attacks
- Aspect of the Spider
- Resistances to reach cap
- Life

My rings were leftover from another build. I wouldn't take minimum endurance charges but get some opal rings instead for better damage


Swift Killer gives us power & Frenzy charge generation while clearing and sustains them on bosses. Its the best

Weave the arcane is good attack speed and gives our skills 0 mana cost so we don't need to worry about mana and can run no regen maps

Escape artist gives good defensive bonuses and ES recharging


Bleed and Freeze immunity are needed. Quicksilver helps clearspeed. Diamond is the best damage flask. Wise oak is also good damage. I threw in Rumi's because I had one lying around


Normal Jewels
Search for jewels with 3 good stats. This build has many relevant stats which makes jewels cheaper

The best sources of damage for the build is attack speed or critical strike multiplier

You need an Inertia Jewel to convert the right hand dex into strength

I took a ES on hit watchers eye for extra sustain. We already have many sources of ES recovery but this jewel keeps it perma topped up

Legion Jewel

Glorious Vanity

Make sure to get one with "sacrificed in the name of Doryani" as this line means it will convert the necromatic aegis keystone into Corrupted Soul and gives us an easy ES boost

It will then randomise all other nodes in range. Hope some roll good things for the build. I bought and resold 3 before finding one with some good stats

Passive Skill Tree/Path of Building


My Lvl 90 Tree


There is more life to get if you want more tank. Melding is tempting

Gem Selection

Cyclone for max hits per second. Life gain on hit is good sustain and then faster attacks and aoe. 6th link would be fortify for more reliable effect or additional accuracy for that extra bit of hit chance.

First trigger spell arc with 2 best damage supports

Second Trigger spell applies lightning exposure

Main auras in helm for +1 to socketed gems.

Last aura for some extra AOE. Drop this if you don't have enlighten

Movement skill with fortify

Guard skill for some extra protection but mostly there to trigger arcane surge for some more damage


Soul of Lunaris for movement speed

Soul of Garukhan for movement speed once upgraded

Poison immunity is also a good one


You can't swap into Mjölner until level 60 so you need to level as something cookie cutter. I had the items leftover from a pillar of the caged god build so I leveled with that. Toxic rain is a popular choice. Brutus lead sprinkler is also a good option since the build picks up much strength. I recommend using something you know and know how it works as you want to just breeze through until the hammers

Ground Slam generally feels better then cyclone before you have AOE.
Double Strike + Ancestral Call + Melee Splash is also a good option

Good leveling Gear



Fill out the tree from right to left. Damage nodes especially crit is not picked up until last

If you don't want to get an ES on hit watchers eye you might want to invest in either more ES leech or wicked ward from the tree

Only pick up elemental equilibrum when you swap into the maces. When you do this check you have a source of fire or cold damage to attacks and make sure you have no stray lightning damage on your cyclone

Help Alira for crit and resistances

Swift killer for charges or Weave the arcane to remove mana cost.

Ghost dance is also decent just for the movement speed

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looks fun :)
i'm leveling with ur build, looks really fun i was looking for a build like this, thank you!
How does it compare to the cyclone guardian?
i have a question, why in the tree you have necromantic aegis?
foojin wrote:
How does it compare to the cyclone guardian?

Haha you always want me to compare with previous characters. Its hard to do

I think I prefer this one although recency bias is a thing

I like the layered defenses in this build, only thing its worse in is chaos damage as CI obviously wins against that.

Damage is about the same although I feel this character has more room to grow. I kinda just threw on old gear and had a fine time

phelipebra wrote:
i have a question, why in the tree you have necromantic aegis?

My glorious vanity jewel changes necromatic aegis keystone into Corrupted Soul
i have been looking for a mjolner build and chanced upon this guide. i already had most of the gear so i clobbled them together and see how far i could bring it without spending more than a few ex.

i am currently sitting on:

4.3k life / 5.2k ES

good dps (i am also using CWC ball lightning in chest)

however i found out (while chasing lvl 94 via delving) that a lot of the damage in delve bypasses CI (something i only found out just because i do not play CI / CI heavy builds).

the only way i think this build can delve well is when you are able to hit above 5k (higher the better) life. all my delving builds are around 6k life and they are able to delve to 300+ with little difficulty.

fwiw, i cheated on the strength requirements with astramentis xD

overall, i think this build is very fun for mapping and engaging with league mechanics except for delving (because of them problems i highlighted above). its a great alternate build in the cwc/coc family personally becoz i have been playing the assassin coc cospri's for the past few months straight.

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