[3.7] "Bloodzerker" Budget, Beginner Friendly, High Survivability Build

Update: Added Budget Gear PoB and videos Shaper Guardian kills + full Minotaur Run. Also added Skill Gems, Gear, Pantheon & Bandits and other misc sections.

Intro: This is meant to be a build with high survivability, good damage, and very budget friendly - the cost of all the gear, jewels, flasks, everything is less than 1ex. I'm relatively new to the game, I've never done a full season, and I'm getting a lot of firsts for me with this build. It will likely be my league starter from now on. As I said, I'm relatively new, so (helpful) feedback is much appreciated. I know there are a million cyclone builds out there right now, but this build can work for other skills as well (cyclone is just crazy strong right now.)

Basic Concept: Bloodseeker (and other stuff) survivability + Zerker (and other stuff) DPS. If it can't one-shot you, and you can hit something, you can't die. With up to 20+ APS you are constantly getting huge ticks from Bloodseeker (main reason we are a Berserker).

Numbers (level 92 tree) Budget Gear:

-197% Increased life from tree
-246% increased armour from tree
-38% chance to block
-20% chance to gain endurance charge when hit, 10% chance when you block
-3m+ Cyclone DPS
-1m+ Warchief DPS (each)
Warchiefs are also a lot more survivable due to them using bloodseeker as well

Pros and Cons:
+Good clear ability
+Good boss DPS
+Very cheap
+High survivability

-Can't do no leech
-Can't do physical reflect.... I don't think... (haven't tried yet)
-Not breaking any DPS records (although it's no slouch, see "showcase" section)

Showcase (videos and gifs):
All of this was done with budget gear.
T16 Shaper Guardians
T16 Full Maze of Minotaur Run
More to come

I just ran the 4 guardians quickly and recorded. The Minotaur fight turned out to have a great example of the totem's ability to heal itself. If you watch right as he comes up, he almost kills the totem, then it heals back to full health

Red Map Eradicator "Super" Lightning Tendrils Tickle

Mino DPS showcase

Budget Gear PoB:

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/AHXad6dD

-First and foremost, I'm relatively new to the game (have never done a full league), so any (helpful) suggestions are appreciated. This build is only a couple days old, so I'll keep updating PoB as adjustments are made.
-Remember, this is the budget version, I'll post one with some currency dumped into it soon.
-We aren't looking to break any records for DPS with this build. It's about survivability + still being able to lay down some hurt.
-I added impale damage onto Dragon Ornament Jewel, if you want, I added a regular one to replace it.
-You can drop some survivability nodes and move further right down the tree to pick up claw nodes for damage. I'll probably end up doing this for the min/maxed variation of this build.
-Added VAW to boots with fortify support this brings Warchief + Vaal Warchief damage up to 2.5m. Your Warchief uses the bloodseekers as well making them way more tanky than most totems, so we can utilize them better.

Pantheons and Bandits

Bandits: Kill them all.
Major: Lunaris - Avoidance, damage reduction, movement speed, and eliminates a map mod that could kill you otherwise if you are using herald of purity.
Minor: Shakari (poison immunity) or Ralakesh (bleed avoidance + can't be blinded or maimed) your choice. If you haven't got the captured soul for Shakari yet, I wouldn't use it. Other's are useful in certain situations, it's really just preference.

Skill Gems
As you will see, a lot of my gems aren't fully leveled/qualitied out.


Vaal Ancestral Warchief:

You can also run impale or conc effect instead of Maim if you want. I have these setup to be a 5L in boots with fortify. You can do this with conc helm, faster attack gloves, etc. These will be your only skills that will cost mana, so make sure you leave enough room while leveling precision to summon them.


We have enough buffs to armour to make Molten Shell worth it(especially with flasks), doesn't need to be fully leveled either (don't care too much about the damage). I added Ice Golem in there because I'm lazy.



These don't need to be linked or be in any specific piece, just find spots for them. If you don't have ring enchants yet (early in the league or w/e) I would drop herald of purity and pickup some mana leech.


Gear (full write-up is still a WIP):

This is the gear I've been using for endgame. It's what I've been farming Shaper/Guardians with.

The Weapons are obviously the center of the build. I use the corrupted Bloodseeker so that I don't have to use blood rage, it's not needed though. Bloodseeker's are currently going for 1c. Oskrams are great with this build, they're cheap we need accuracy (also getting from rings), a curse, and some spell avoidance, We get it all with 1 item. I got cheap fortify boots to help buff Warchiefs. Other than that, the tier 2 enchants on the rings make it so that everything is free except Warchief, and the rest is pretty straight forward.

If you can't afford a lioneye's (one of the more expensive items in the build early in a season), just replace with a silver flask.

Once again, if you can't afford a Tempered flesh early on, it's not a huge deal, just use another jewel in the meantime.

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Hi. Can u a post a Pob for this build?
Also interested in a PoB!
would leave to see a guide!
would like to see a guide + pob
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PoB has been added with some notes.
Path of Building has been updated again. I decided to drop Tombfist and Impresence in favor of Oskrams + rare amulet. This makes it more "budget" while giving us more clear dps (power charges) and allows the 5L setup on the boots for (very) increased Vaal Ancestral Warchief damage for bosses.
Uploaded Videos of Shaper Guardian Kills and a full Minotaur run as well as updated some gifs. Working on the full guide now.

Update: A good portion of the guide is written now, the rest is a WIP.
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I'm going to try it, I want to play cyclone
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