[3.7] Chaos Bomber Trickster Pog

Hello guys,

I just want to share this new concept I had while playing ZiggyD private league, and it became my favorite build on Path of Exile.

I wish you guys have lots of fun with it aswell!


Recomended Leveling Setup

You can level with Arc Traps or anything of your preference. At level 56 you can already start exploding everything with a Tabula + 2x Obliterations


Build Tree


OBS: Whenever you get GG gear, and Leech enchant on the boots, you can remove Eldritch battery and be Hybrid. If you get to this phase, try to craft -9 mana cost on your Assassin Mark rare Ring, that will make it gucci


Disconsider the Collors on them


For Jewels you want to focus on getting Life & dmg ( I personally like the Abyss jewels with flat elemental to spells, crit, critmulti ) you can also fix your resists with jewels until you upgrade the gear.


The Hatred Watcher's Eye and the Pure Talent helps to get a flat Crit base to your explosions

Gem Setup

Armor: Winter Orb, Infused Channeling, Cold to Fire, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Controlled Destruction, Energy Shield Leech (OR Blade Vortex if you prefer... should be better for single target and feel like good old BV elementalist with inpulsa.. but chaos... I prefer Winter Orb tho, feels good)

Gloves: Cast When Damage Taken, Steel Skin, Increased Duration, Enfeeble

Boots: Spell Totem, Wither, Ice Golem, Portal Gem

Wand 1: Blasphemy, Temporal Chains, Increased Area of Effect

Wand 2: Flame Dash, Faster Casting, Arcane Surge

Helmet: Hatred, Herald of Ash, Herald of Ice, Enlighten

Ascendancys, Pantheons & Bandits

Normal Lab: Swift Killer
Cruel Lab: Harness the Void
Mercilesss Lab: Ghost Dance
Uber Lab: Escape Artist

Bandits: Help Alira

Major God: Brineking, Lunaris or Solaris (depending on your preference/situation)
Minor God: Soul of Ralakesh

I am always online to answer any questions in my Twitch Channel

Best of Regards,
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This is the best W.O. build I see after the nerf, lul, that's is insane!! :)
ward! para acompanhar e fazer essa build dps

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