[3.8] Ice Spear Totem for Scion | Gatling Gun Girl (GGG)

Hello There and Welcome to the Gatling Gun Scion Build.

Inspired By https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/lllNonStop

Im here to clean up his Build a bit.

This build is a bit expensive, not a great League Starter.
I would recommend to have a spare Exalted Orb to Build this whole Build.

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/kzDeyiLT

Until Lvl 30+

You can use every Projectile Based starter Gem you want for leveling.

Grab yourself a Tabula Rasa with +2 to Level of Scoketed Projectile Gems for an early DMG spike. They go around 20 to 25 Chaos Orbs each.

For early Leveling you can use 2 Axiom Perpetuum, its a great leveling Weapon, you can even get to the endgame with them. You can use them at Level 10.

At Level 20 you can grab a Kikazaru Ring for some Mana regeneration and the 40% reduced Curse on you because

At Level 22 you can get yourself a Coward's Chains Belt for the extra Movement Speed and Damage Increase, but you will be cursed with the Vulnerability curse.

At Level 24 grab yourself a Karui Charge Jade Amulet for another Damage and Movement Speed boost. They go for like 13-15 Chaos

Skill Tree so Far :

After grabing Ancesteral Bond and hitting Level 38, you can start using Ice Spear.

Ice Spear Links:
Ice Spear -> Greater Multiple Projectiles -> Controlled Destruction -> Elemental Focus -> Multiple Totems -> Added Cold Damage

If you have some Mana Problems equip a Praxis Paua Ring.

You can use 2 Might of the Meek's for some extra Hp and extra Reistances.
Throw in a Rain of Splinters for more Projectiles.

Jewel Placement:

Until Level 60+

At Level 56 you can get a Shaped Shield with +1 to Maximum Number of Summoned Totems and some Energy Shield bonuses.

At this point you should have 5 Totems.

At Level 58 you can grab The Devouring Diadem.
You get 20% reduced Mana Reservaion, which is pretty nice, so you can use 2-3 Auras.
Because it has Eldrich Battery, we can Reserve 100% of our Mana and use Energy Shield to cast our totems.
Level 15 Feast of Flesh gives a good HP/EP Recovery every 5 seconds while clearing Maps.

Helmet Links:
Summon Stone Golem -> Hatred -> Discipline -> Zelaotry

Hatred and Zelatory gives you a Damage boost.
Discipline is used for maximum Energy Shield and Energy Shield Recovery.

At Level 59 you can use the Soul Mantle with Self-Flagellation Jewel.
The Jewel gives you #% increased Damage per Curse on You and the Soul Mantle inflicts you with a Level 20 Curse after a Totem dies. Basically you can spam your Totems until you get your 8-10 Curses and boost your Damage up to 200%.

Ice Spear Links after Soul Mantle:
6l: Ice Spear -> Greater Multiple Projectiles ->Controlled Destruction -> Elemental Focus -> Multiple Totems -> Added Cold Damage

5l: Drop Added Cold Damage

A 5l Soul Mantle is easy to get. They go around 25 to 30c.

Self-Flagellation Placement:

Near Witch Start

At this point I would recommend to use 2 of Kikazaru Rings to get 80% Curse Reduction.

At Level 68 you can get yourself a pair of Koams Root's, these give you a big amount of maximum Life and prevents you from beeing stunned.

Also you can get yourself the Dying Sun Flask for a Damage Boost.

Hierophant -> Path of the Templar -> Chieftain

Kill all the Bandits.
Juicy 2 Skill Points

At Level 68 you should start to look for a decent Weapon with some Added Cold Damage to Spells, Cast Speed, increased Spell Damage.

My Weapon is not good right now but still manages to kill all the map mobs including the Boss.
Go for a Stygian Vise for the extra Jewel Socket. Try to cap your Resistances and look for some maximum Energy Shield and Maximum Life too.

For the Jewel, look for some Maximum Life, Energy Shield and Added Cold Damage to Spells.

Look for some Maximum HP, Energy Shield and Cap your Resistances.
If you lack dexterity, try to craft some.

Gem Links :
Body Armour:
Ice Spear -> Greater Multiple Projectiles -> Controlled Destruction -> Elemental Focus -> Multiple Totems -> Added Cold Damage
Summon Stone Golem -> Hatred -> Discipline -> Zelaotry
Immortal Call (Lvl 5) -> Cast when Damage Taken (Lvl 3) -> Phase Run (Lvl 5)
For the extra Damage we use Frost Bomb and for Traveling we use Flame Dash
Frost Bomb -> Faster Casting -> Flame Dash

Curse on Hit -> Frostbite -> Projectile Weakness -> Orb of Storms
If you dont have a possibility to use 2 Curses on Enemys at once go like this :
Curse on Hit -> Ball Lightning -> Projectile Weakness -> Greater Multiple Projectiles

I use Blood of the Karui, it has saved my life couple of times.
Dying Sun for the DMG Boost and more Projectiles.
For some Life Regeneration.
Using the Diamond Flask for more Crits.
And of course the Quicksilver Flask.
For Pantheons we use Soul of Lunaris to Avoid Chained Projectiles.
And the Minor Pantheon we use is Upgraded Soul Shakiri for immunity against Poison.

This if you have some Ideas, please comment below.
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