[3.9] Smashing Cyclone - PermaStun Everything Even Shaper - 1Mil+ DPS - All Content - HC Viable

Another 3.7 Cyclone build! Wooo...
Update 3.8 Still works, zero important changes. Slight Nerf
Update 3.9 Still works. Slighter Buff - Shaper can still be stunned, but requires higher cost gear Please read the updates. - Also updated PoB

But seriously, This build Stunlocks EVERYTHING, ALL AT ONCE. Even Shaper.

(Except stun immune enemies), But you can still run them, you just have to actually try.

e.g. i.e. too wit: Phoenix is stun immune, but I've still taken him out deathless, just like any other build, by *gasp* actually dodging his big 'splotion!

You still have max (6+) endurance charges as well as crazy leech, regen, and armor, so you can face tank anything else. With the right gear it can tank Shaper's slam. This is proven by my Shaper fight video, along with my incredible lack of skill! (I failed to dodge it, like a n00b)

Also as a bonus, it seems a lot harder to die if the enemies don't attack, because they're too busy being stunned.

1. Stunlock EVERYTHING
2. 1Mil+ DPS (decent boss killer)
3. Large AOE & Mobility (good map clear)
4. Tanky (HC viable)
5. Easy play style (almost too easy)
6. Mostly affordable (not SSF)
1. Did I mention Stunlocks everything?

1. You forget how to play the game because it is too easy.
2. ???
3. Profit

Technically it doesn't do 10 million DPS, so it's not as amazing as some builds out there. But eh, I personally like not dying.

I should mention this functions just fine without a 6link. It's not as fast on a 5link, but still does all the same stuff, exept stunning Shaper.

Updates:(I'll post new ramblings here)
3.8 Cyclone got a nerf. But we don't care that much.
We might not stun the whole screen, now we will have to settle for just most of it.
The last bit of nerf was the flat physical damage. Thankfully this impacted the people with insane attack speed more. We however focus on slow heavy hits, and did not impact us much at all. Oh noes I do 0.002% less damage, the tragedy of it all.

3.9 basically no change, I was worried about effects based on total life changing, but they really didn't impact the build at all. I'll try to add a few more notes with Oils, and what not.

I do have some news, both good and bad. I did some testing on standard. and with Abyssus instead of Devoto's Devotion I was able to stun him some times. Though he broke out very often.

Other thoughts: Awakened Melee Phys.

The moral of the story, with my gear, it is not possible to stunlock shaper.

However, it is possible! you would need an Abyssus, steel rings, and probably more damage on the amulet and jewels then I have. Unfortunately outside of my budget.

I've got someone on the job to figuring it out though, as she is running the build currently in metamorph.

Introductions, Abbreviations & Build Mechanics: (please save questions till the end of the tour~)
This build Came about when I was looking at this neato Weapon:

So I said to myself, "Ya know, I've heard stunning things can be effective, can I take this to the max?"

Then I replied "Why did I say that out loud to myself?"

Then I yelled "Don't make fun of myself because I'm Crazy!!! Now do carry on..."

And I did. I made a build.

It works by getting all reduced enemies stun threshold (REST) to the point where if we tickle them they are stunned (93% REST), dabble in a little Increased Stun Duration (ISD) and some RAW PURE PHYSICAL DAMAGE! YEEHAW!

With the New and Improved (mostly the same) passive tree, which has a lot of extra AOE and Stun for Maces, and the reworked Melee skills. I thought, why not Zoidberg? er I mean- Cyclone.

But alas, twas not enough to stun the creator of the Atlas of worlds. Oh hey, Weapons swap- HEAVY STRIKE! *Mr. Torgue air guitar vocals*

BAM! Shaper is now Perma-Stunned!

So what's next? Oh, wait, no that's pretty much it. Get some tank on I guess?

Passives & Ascendancy: (does anyone else remember that DOS game? that was a good game.)
Now for the actual build guide...

Aw screw that, Here's a PoB Link!

Okay okay, Here are some Passive tree's I won't be completely lazy about this.
45 Points: www.poeurl.com/cwIv (Note: No Mace Specific or Endurance for easy leveling)
85 Points: www.poeurl.com/cwIx (You should start focusing on Maces and Tankiness)
105 Points: www.poeurl.com/cwIy (Second verse, same as the first, a little bit louder, and a little bit worse)
121 Points: www.poeurl.com/cwIB (these last nodes are just niceties)

At any point you need Dex or Int for gear. Do not hesitate to grab those 30 point nodes you pass by. One passive point is worth being able to equip better gear!

Ascendancy Order. To be honest, this is personal preference, any order is good. But I really don't like dying, so this is the order I chose.

Endless Hunger -> Brutal Fervour -> Impact -> Headsman

Bane of Legends is a viable choice, but I prefer the survive-ability of Brutal Fervour. Also we already have built in Cull! Looking at you- Skull Cracking (Passive Tree)

For Bandits, genocide is not always the answer. Oak is strait up perfect for our build

Ah yes, The Pantheon, the one thing I always forget to look at (I was level 93 before I was reminded, I had useless crap selected)

We have a couple options, Major Solaris once upgraded is great defensive option, since we rarely get hit. But if you don't have a anti-freeze flask I recommend Brine King with the freeze upgrade.

For Minor I use Rylatha upgraded for that insta-heal boom. But Garukhan upgraded would offer a wee bit more clear speed.

Equipment: (no not that kind!)

Yes I included scrolls. WHAT! you need them don't you? Could you imagine playing this game with out wisdom scrolls?

Detailed Item Breakdown: (Hammertime! Break it down.)
Tidebreaker is the core of this build! Highly suggested. One thing to keep in mind Tidebreaker has a really nice 7th link often overlooked. Because if you combine that with 10% increased damage per Endurance Charge, HOOWEE! That's some damage right thar!

The most important stat on this is 30% Reduced Enemy Stun Threshold (REST).

I recommend a second Tidebreaker on your weapon swap for single target. I used Heavy Strike to proc Stun on even the toughest of enemies.

Until you can get Tidebreaker, any good two handed mace is a good option. Like Kongor's Undying Rage, or even a Brain Rattler.

Redblade Tramplers, arguably the next most important piece of gear. All around good stats for our build but most importantly more REST, try to get 10%.

The Rest of these Items are not as important to the build.

Devoto's Devotion is basically best in slot for any Cyclone build. A rare helm with life and resists is a perfectly good alternative. Should be your last upgrade.

Koam's Heart, a lot of life! Not necessary but a really good quality of life upgrade. A rare chest with a lot of life and/or resists and/or armor is a good alternative.

I personally prefer the play style with Empires Grasp, especially once you get Lion's Roar Flask, the reverse knockback is gold for mapping and even taking out tough enemies in my opinion. Also invaluable when using Heavy Strike on the weapon swap.

Tombfist with a Murderous Eye Jewel in it, does help with several bosses. And is an overall good option. Again you can use a rare with life and resists here as well.

Ryslatha's Coil was made for this build. Best damage and survive-ability in my opinion.

Perseverance is a good budget option. The nearly permanent Fortify and Onslaught is great especially if you don't have a 6-link yet.

Rings and Amulet, Resists, Resists, and more Resists. If you can add some life on there. As you can see i buy 1c Rings with resists on them, then self craft life and get a 40c+ ring for next to nothing. Works really well.

I like my safety, so I still run a life flask on pretty much everything except CI. The only real important flask is Lions Roar for the extra damage, since we are pure Physical. The rest are based on play-style and preference.


One more note, you will want a jewel with 0.2% Physical Attack Damage Leached as Mana.

One more, one more note, A good cheep anoitment would be "Blast Radius" (Clear Verdant Opulent) Or if you have more money, I am always in favor of another large life node using 1-2 Gold oils.

Wealthy people upgrade could get +1 Endurance charges on corruptions.

Gem Links: (they're so perdy. I like Cobalt, is that a gem?)
Feel free to reference my gear. They are in order from top to bottom because I'm that OCD! (actually for real diagnosed)

Cyclone Tidebreaker G-B-R-R-R-R: Cyclone -> Infused Channelling -> Pulverise -> Brutality -> Melee Phys(5Link) -> Fortify(6Link)

Heavy Strike Tidebreaker R-R-R-R-R-R: Heavy Strike -> Chance to Bleed/Stun -> Brutality -> Ruthless -> Melee Phys(5Link) -> Fortify(6Link)

Chance to Bleed is more DPS, but some monsters might break the stunlock.

4Link R-R-R-R: Cast When Damage Taken(20) -> Immortal Call -> Punishment -> Increased Duration.

Yes still Immortal call. It works so well since we get max endurance charges every 1/4 of a second. Increased Duration works on Immortal Call and Punishments Curse duration AND the buff duration from attacking the monster cursed! Maxing it out has the best effect on bosses, and it's just not needed mapping.

4Link R-R-R-R: Pride -> Blood and Sand (blood stance) -> Flesh and Stone -> Maim

Flesh and Stone gets the percent benefit from the Maim gem while linked.

4Link R-G-G-R: Leap Slam -> Faster Attacks -> Blood Rage -> Ancestral Warchief

All utility. The blood Rage gives us frenzy charges for faster clearing. Did you notice in all my videos I forgot to use it? I'm that bad. It does actually help.

Leveling The Build: (how I mine fish?)
So you can level this build any way you want! Some are just better then others. For example, if you really wanted to you could level gearless and punch act 5 Kitava in the face! This will be tragically slow, and won't really work after act 5, but you could do it. Regardless I don't recommend it, (for your sanity's sake).

You could; however, level with heavy strike and ancestral call. "Like what I did" as a league start.

Honestly, any physical melee skill would work great depending on the weapon used. Heavy Strike, Ground Slam, Cleave, Sunder, Sweep, Reave, etc.

Heavy Strike hit's like a Mac Truck and when you throw some AOE support gems on it it can still be better then some base AOE skills, and one shot most packs.

I linked R-R-R-R-R-R: Heavy Strike -> Ancestral Call -> Melee Splash -> Pulverize -> Melee Phys -> Stun

Interestingly enough I found if the boss had adds I would do more damage with the Ancestral Call, Melee Splash, & Pulverize combo, then with just more single target damage gems.

Items that work well while leveling:

Like any build these are just great level 1 uniques. But they are in no way necessary.

On a second character of a league I will typically have those equipped and these items waiting in my inventory, to be used as soon as I hit the appropriate level.

I don't look back when I take off! Literally, I often don't return to town until I've reached the act 2 town, with this gear in hand. That's the point when I like to think about what I'm doing with my life, then I remember I'm playing a game to relax from 80 hours of work, and then plan out my character; and finally allocate those pesky passive points piling up.

You can probably keep using whatever you want till Cyclone. But I was invested into maces for Heavy Strike. So when level appropriate I used these.

Geofri's Baptism Will really get you far for it's level. Same with Jorrhast's Blacksteel, it doesn't look like much, but the attack speed and damage is a nice improvement, and works till mid-high 60's in level.

These help if you have them and can socket them, but are not required.

Other useful Mid-Level Uniques. You may have spotted a theme here; Life, Resists, & some Damage, the staples of leveling. A lot of these uniques are highly underrated for how good they are at getting you to and sometimes through white maps.

Once you have cyclone, as long as you have enough life to not get one shot. This thing will single-handedly keep you alive, and have no worry for mana (go ahead and reserve 90%+ of it for moar damage!).
I gave away my gloves =(
If you find yourself starting to go splat to often you may just need to pick up some rares with life and resists, until you get your end game gear. I used that body armor till I got my Koam's Heart. And my first few Guardians I was still using that helm.

If you can't afford expensive uniques at a leagues start, these are good alternatives till the cash is in hand, or the price drops.

Videos: (fun for the whole family!)
Chimera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNWbN-vndWk (A general video, showing the full range of utility)
T16 Maps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCiQ3Msn_Gc (Map clearing potential, please don't hurt yourself laughing at my lack of skill)
Shaper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RY6456rCaI (Full run deathless! Perma-Stunned)

Okay, now that you've seen how bad I really am at this game. You can all have confidence, that with this build, you can beat the hard stuff too! With very little effort or skill!

I'll just leave this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJ1dYrjuYf4

FAQ's: (did I miss anything?)
Bah, I'll add crap as I get asked questions.

For realzies though, if there is something I forgot, let me know! I handle constructive criticism very well! And I desperately need improvement!

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Hey thanks for the build. Which Pantheon do you use ?
Hey thanks for the build. Which Pantheon do you use ?

Ah yes, The Pantheon, the one thing I always forget to look at (I was level 93 before you reminded me to check it. I had useless crap selected. LOL)

We have a couple options, Major Solaris once upgraded is great defensive option, since we rarely get hit. But if you don't have a anti-freeze flask I recommend Brine King with the freeze upgrade.

For Minor I will use Rylatha upgraded for that insta-heal boom. But Garukhan upgraded would offer a wee bit more clear speed.
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Very nice build and guide. was glad to watch you make it a success. keep it up!!!
How do you sustain mana in this build?
Neato, I love the stun approach :D
Very new to the game, in order to get the perma stun you must switch from cyclone tidebreaker and heavey strike tidebreaker when exactly , do I need to do this always or only when boss fighting?

Very new to the game, in order to get the perma stun you must switch from cyclone tidebreaker and heavey strike tidebreaker when exactly , do I need to do this always or only when boss fighting?

it appears that you only need to switch during a single target.
aloeus wrote:
How do you sustain mana in this build?

I actually grabbed 1 0.15% Mana Leech Jewel, any tiny amount will do it. You could also craft -Manacost on rings.

Very new to the game, in order to get the perma stun you must switch from cyclone tidebreaker and heavey strike tidebreaker when exactly , do I need to do this always or only when boss fighting?

Honestly only Big Solo Bosses do you need to switch. Basically Guardians or Shaper. Most t15 Map Bosses are stunned by the Cyclone.

Neato, I love the stun approach :D

I never knew how awesome it was till this build attempt. Me too now!
I really like the inclusion of Empire's Grasp in this build, to negate the drawback of using Lion's Roar. Since you are relying on Perma-Stun as a primary defense, having a boss KB's out of your attacking range would suck.

Well laid-out build guide. Going in my Bookmarks!
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