[3.7] Super Defensive Scion Support(in progress)

I'm not better of grammar so I'll not do a long write

this build is still in progress

Role : 1) Cry and become enemies's target
2) Increase team damage with Rally Cry
3) Open box, essence enemy

Build Goal : 1) has at least 12000 - 13000 armour
2) has at least 20000 - 21000 evasion
3) has at least 4000 - 4100 energy shield
4) has at least 4000 - 4100 life
5) has at least 50% - 55% block attack chance
6) energy shield start recharge +100%
7) you may have increase skill duration or not as you want

gears and skill:

elemental hit with proliferation,this will do shock or chill to surround enemies and you also grant fortify buff(you might change to other attack if you don't like it)

Rally cry and Molten shield supported with increase duration and AoE

Vaal Grace and Discipline and Flash&Sand supported Enlighten(you won't have spec to use skill if you don't use Enlighten)

Tempest shield supported Cast on dmg taken,Chain,Culling (or you may use Reckoning if you want)

Devouring Totem supported MultiTotem and Blood magic(because I don't use life flask)

An other skill gems


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Defensive? You're playing the wrong class.
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