[3.8] Super Defensive Scion Support

I'm not better of grammar so I'll not do a long write

Build Difficult : Medium
Playable Difficult : Hard

How to play

1) when you are nearby most enemies with your teammate, use Rally Cry
2) After used rally cry , hit some enemies to grant fortify by elemental hit
3) Use Granite Flask and combine with MoltenShield to have 4000+ buff
4) If your ES is low, standstill and use yellow flask to regen ES(+throw a siphotrap to regen ES quickly)
5) From choice 4 , If it hard to regen then use vaal discipline
6) If there are too much enemies around, use smoke flask (+use vaal grace)

Roles :
1) Cry and become enemies's target
2) Increase team damage with Rally Cry
3) Use vaal Diciplne and Vaal Grace to protect teammates
4) Trigger boxes, essences enemy
5) Taunt some bosses

Build Goals :
1) has at least 9000-10000 armour
2) has at least 15000 - 16000 evasion
3) has at least 3000 - 3100 energy shield
4) has at least 3500 - 3600 life
5) has at least 50% - 55% block attack chance
6) energy shield start recharge +100%
7) All 75% elemental resistances
8) has at least 60% chaos resistance
7) High duration of effect
8) 50% physical/chaos bypass energyshield

Gears :

Jewels you must have.


and other socket you could find some that balance your status.

Main gems and outfits

make enemy shock or chill with elemental hit (supported fortify at unique item)

molten shield and rally cry

vaal discipline and vaal grace supported increased duration

withering step and temporal chain supported cast on stun (+siphon trap)

sheild charge and reckoning supported culling and life gain on hit

Devouring totem supported multi-totem and blood magic (+sommon holy relic)

Other jewelrys that make balance of character



main unique item

granite flask (+increase armor)

quicksilver flask (+increase movement)

other else (those should be un-freeze,un-bleed,un-ignited,un-cursed


How to play = go to top

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Defensive? You're playing the wrong class.
Scion can be anything that possible

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