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Greetings Exiles

This is, by a wide margin, my most successful self-build in nearly 2000 hours of PoE. I decided to take the time to write up a guide to share my creation in the hopes someone out there can experience some of the fun and enjoyment I had this league.

Guides are very much not my thing so I apologize in advance for anything I don't explain fully or the lack of any fancy formatting.


Red Elder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1riyjyxpys&t=22s
Early in the build process, still missing some end game items. Still a quick and easy red Elder.

More coming soon

Build overview

Offense: Using Cyclone and Cast on Crit to cast Unearth and Cremation and stacking fire/spell damage and crit chance/crit multi

Defense: Over 6.5k HP with Kaom's heart, easy 5k even without Kaom's paired with multiple layers of mitigation: Acrobatics/Phase Acro, Ghost Shrouds, Cinderswallow recovery, up to 2% leech, and Feast of Flesh

You can league start with this build but it can be slow going. You really need a Tabula or other 6L to get CoC going which can be tough early league. That being said, I have done a deathless Shaper on a Tabula and a Terminus Est so it doesn't take that much to really get it going. I would still recommend this as a second/third-character-of-the-league build.

Why Cremation? I feel like Cremation has an amazing balance of clear and single target without the need for gem swapping. While mapping the geysers will be as spread out as the packs you are fighting providing great coverage, but while bossing all the geysers will stack one on top of the other for great single target.

Why Trickster? Bonus charges, 100% uptime on charges even during boss fights, and ghost shrouds for a chunk of survivability on top. With Devouring Diadem we will ALWAYS have ES which means permanent 10% movespeed and 10% spell dodge as well.



I would consider this as the closest to a required unique for the build. Why Devouring Diadem? The reduced mana reservation lets us use two 50% auras AND a max level Precision. We also get Eldritch Battery for infinite spin, no -mana rings required. The cherry on top is Feast of Flesh. Every 5 seconds it will consume up to 10 corpses and give you 400 life per corpse consumed. Since we are constantly generating corpses it essentially acts a an instant 4000 life flask every 5 seconds. The extra geyser enchant is absolutely not required but it is awesome, I got lucky and found someone selling one. Don't stress yourself out if you can't find it. Other options would be Starkonja's or a rare life/res helm, you would have to drop an aura to use one however.


Easy choice here. Fire damage and a ton of life. A high life/res chest will work just fine too if you can't afford Kaom's, and if it's a 6L chest then that will really open up your weapon options.


The Mathil special, a CoC/ias/Double damage Exquisite Blade. This is your chase item, destroyer of alterations, breaker of hearts. Get yourself a Shaped Exquisite Blade and alt/regal until you hit CoC+two usable mods like crit/multi/ias or a juicy Shaper mod like the second sword linked. You can throw it on a Hillock bench and craft quality for an easier time 6 linking if you are using Kaom's. Before you can get your hands on one of these any high attack speed/high base crit sword will do. Terminus Est is a safe and cheap option.


Prioritize getting a crit chance Cinderswallow and a nice diamond flask. Then your favorite 3 out of Dying Sun, Atziri's Promise, Life flask, Quicksilver flask.

For a Watcher's Eye we want to prioritize the mod: #% INCREASED CRITICAL STRIKE CHANCE AGAINST ENEMIES ON CONSECRATED GROUND WHILE AFFECTED BY ZEALOTRY. This mod greatly helps single target by giving a big crit boost right when we need it. My next recommended mod would be fire damage leech under Anger. There are a ton of helpful mods out there for this build so keep an eye out. For rare jewels just grab %life with any nice damage mods.


Get yourself an Assasin's Mark on hit ring (or Oskarm gloves) then a Flammability on hit ring from Delve fire nodes or trade (they're pretty cheap). The skill tree runs right by Whispers of Doom so we will go dual curse.

As much resistance and attributes as you need with as much life as you can get. Keep an eye out for temple mod gloves that give # to # added fire damage against burning enemies.

Gem links

Cyclone - Unearth - Cremation - GMP - Inc Crit Strike - Immolate
Put this in your CoC sword. If you do not have a CoC sword then replace Immolate with the CoC gem.

Anger - Zealotry - Precision
Put this in your Devouring Diadem. If you do not have a Devouring Diadem then drop Anger.

CWDT(lvl 1) - Immortal Call(lvl 3) - Wave of Conviction(lvl 7) - Combustion(lvl 20+)
Wave of conviction will trigger Fire Exposure for a bonus -25% to enemy fire resistance, and if it triggers an ignite then Combustion will provide an additional -19% to enemy fire res.

CWDT(lvl 1) - Summon Ice Golem(lvl 3) - Desecrate(lvl 5)
Feel free to self spawn Ice Golem, I prefer the easy method. Desecrate will also provide us some emergency corpses for Feast of Flesh.

This will leave you with two free slots for the movement skill of your choice and another utility skill like Ancestral Protector or Vaal RF. This is up to your preference.

Skill Trees

Here's a general idea of tree progression

33 POINT TREE:poeurl.com/cwAp

71 POINT TREE:poeurl.com/cwAq

106 POINT TREE (lvl 85):poeurl.com/cwAr

121 POINT TREE (lvl 100):poeurl.com/cwAs

If you need help with resistances we are right next to the Survivalist cluster which gives a total of +14% all res. And if you really like your auras/heralds then you can grab the 4 node path to Sovereignty which will allow you to socket an additional 25% reservation gem into your helm like Flesh and Stone or Herald of Ash.


Help Alira, the res and crit multi really help.

I recommend Soul of Lunaris for the move speed, dodge, and projectile help; and Garukhan for the move speed and evade.

Swift Killer
Ghost Dance
Escape Artist
Harness the Void

My recommended order.

Other Fire Spells

Have fun with the build, try other setups with spells like Volatile Dead or Fireball. Feel free to experiment and find what's fun for you.
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