[3.7] Tornado Shot Currency Farmer - MF / Item Quantity

Hi all this is my first ever guide so I apologies if it's not the best. This build is inspired by many MF tornado shot builds with a few changes to boost item quantity for things like glacier / burial chambers farming!

With this build (assuming you have max item quality rolls) you can achieve around 75% base IIQ and combining that with the Windripper you can achieve around 90% IIQ!

This build is also able to defeat all endgame bosses, though it is far from an effective build for this.

Pros & Cons

+ Insane increased item quantity (+90%)
+ High clear speed
+ Capable of endgame bossing
+ Perfect for legion league mechanic farming
+ High damage

- Low HP 3.0-3.5k roughly
- Unable to do Ele reflect maps
- No leech maps also not advised but doable
- Endgame build, not really worth doing early game

Path of Building

https://pastebin.com/EzVs0zdh Includes correct items socket colours and gems etc.


Soul of Lunaris
Soul of Shakari (just because I hate poison, however any minor god is viable)


Note: Unique's listed are pretty much required, however rares can be substituted for anything really. Increased item quantity and resistances are on these are advised though. Gems and sockets in all the gear listed are also correct!


On your head slot you should be primarily be looking for as high and as many resistances as possible + maximum life. As well as this you should aim to enchant your helmet with extra Tornado Shot projectiles (1/2).


On our amulet we are aiming to have as high as possible increased item quantity, large amounts of intelligence (to avoid making up for it in the skill tree), some resistances if possible, maximum life if possible, and %damage increase per dexterity for extra damage as our dexterity will be high.


We are using Hyrri's Ire mainly for the added cold damage to bow attacks and extended chill duration, to aid Windrippers special abillity (increased item quantity dropped from frozen enemies).


Alternativley you can use these rings when running higher tiers maps for much greater elemental resistances but at the sacrifice for around 20% IIQ.


The only real purpose for using these gloves is the increased item quantity, these can be substituted for other gloves with resistances / damage but then again that starts to defeat the point of the build.


Similar to the gloves the primary purpose for this is the item quantity increase however the rampage buff is a more than welcome bonus!


Once again the main purpose for our boots is increased item quantity. The bonus resistances, move speed and mana regeneration do also come in handy.


The Windripper and Rigwald's Quills are very important for this build as they provide a great damage increase, clear speeds, and most importantly Windrippers special ability to drop more items from frozen enemies.


These flasks are also not considered a necessity however they're all cheap and my advised pick but you may find alternatives more your style :)

Gems & Links

6 Links
R(1) G(4) B(1)
Tornado Shot - Ice Bite - Added Cold Damage - Increased Critical Damage - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Greater Multiple Projectiles
You can also use Chain Support as a replacement for Added Cold Damage, to increase your clear speeds in lower tier maps with a small sacrifice to DPS on Tornado Shot.

R(1) G(3) B(2)
Barrage - Increased Critical Damage - Elemental Focus - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Added Cold Damage - Slower Projectiles

4 Links
R(0) G(2) B(2)
Herald of Ice - Curse On Hit - Onslaught - Assassin's Mark

0 Links
All the gems here can go anywhere in your head & feet slots.
Blood Rage - Portal - Blink Arrow - Summon Ice Golem - Hatred - Dash


Short clip of the build in action (since it was requested) <3

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my guide and I hope it helps you farm all that currency ;)

Please do leave constructive criticisms and improvements I can make below!
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Good job dude :)
going to try this right now
Hey, do you mind posting a short clip of the build doing glaciers? :D would be great!
Skytel wrote:
Hey, do you mind posting a short clip of the build doing glaciers? :D would be great!

Just added a media section featuring a clips and possibly more media in the future.

Thank you for prompting me!

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