[3.7] Berserker - Reave || Dual Strike Uber Elder down 11 Millions DPS

I've been playing POE for a few years now, I've always had the opportunity to create cool builds that can make Endgame content, but I never had the courage to go all the way to the end!

This time I hung on and I come to present you my build of this season.

I - Introduction

I started on a Berserker class Marauder, the goal being to have a maximum of attack speed and criticism. Concerning the spells used, Vaal Reave for a maximum of clear, and Dual Strike to properly explode bosses with Jewel Might and Influence to double damages

II - The advantages, disadvantages


- The ease of making maps
- Large damage in aoe or monocible
- Good mobility

- Aztiri (LOL with its reflect I am obliged to pass in 3 link, sadness)
- Medium tanky,
- Reflect physical damage

III - The Stuff



Double blade for the attack speed, the interest of the foils is the range of the weapon which increases to 14, important stat to increase the aoe of Reave. I prevent level of weapon damage we can do better:)

Helmet and boot

We're going to look for life and resistance, as a bonus of the armor it's always cool. No need for speed movement for the boots, Leap Slam is more than enough.

Ring and amulet

There we need life, physical damage, resistance and the total -# cost in mana (it is necessary to be able to spam without worrying about the mana). The amulet life, resistance and have the bonus of adding cold damage and lightning (especially for shock)


We're trying to get an abyssal belt for the jewel, otherwise it's life and resistance.


Always the same, life and resistance and we add the attack speed:)


I chose this type of armor now it can vary according to each one, for my part the interest is to have a critic, total cost in mana and a lot of life.


Two unique potions to be more resistant and increase damage, a diamond flask to further increase the chances of criticism and finally a basalt to increase resistance.

IV - Gems

I'm going to talk about the auras:
- Herald of ice combined with Curse on hit //Assasin's Mark to make power charge proc
- Herald of Ash
- Arctic Armour increase my resistance
- War banner increase the chances of hitting and causing more damage
- Blood and sand

V - Passiv Tree, Bandit and Pantheon

Bandit: 2 points or Alira

Pantheon: Soul of solaris major and Soul of Shakari minor

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/uj0R7Vky

VI - Video

Uber ELder ( First time No deathless)

Other Coming soon

This is my first guide, don't hesitate to send me your comments!

PS : Sorry for my english (I'm Fr :)
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