We've just introduced the Purple Crystal Apparition Effect to the store. Applied to your amulet, this microtransaction summons a purple crystal ghost above the head of your character from time to time. Check out the video below or click here to get yours.

Try out this Apparition Effect with the Purple Crystal Armour Set, Purple Skull, Pitch Black Bandana and the Madcap Character Effect. For a matching weapon, we'd recommend the Darkprism Weapon with the Lavender Weapon Effect.

Thank you so much for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
Less cosmetics more fossil stash tabs, thanks!
Somebody might like it. Not me.
really now $28 for that?

like.. can we get a chill out on the pricing of microtransactions?

I hope the fossil tab if comes isnt like $20-29 at this point..
Turning players into payers. Anti NPC-Echo chamber.

3.8 so far: High Templar Venarius is back and some tower defense league mechanic with it.

“I don't bow, curtsy, or give a shit.” - Kabal.
Total waste of resources.
Prices will raise and raise meanwhile people waste the money on them, so... 50$ mtx coming soon
fluxofwar wrote:
Total waste of resources.

Ohhh a wild marketing expert appeared! You should get a job at GGG and teach them how to use there resources correctly! Genius!
Lol why does GGG like purple so much? Is it Chris' favorite color or something? :P Seriously, cool animation, but it would look a LOT better with different colors. Like, say, silver and red (like the Vanguard Supporter apparition). More generally, if you want to sell apparitions, I advise you take your creative inspirations from the Empyrean, Crucible and Pitfighter apparition designs. Cheers! :)
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies.

Path of Exile Version 0.7.0: Completely rebalanced everything[/quote] BEST PATCHNOTES EVER!! :D
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