[3.7] Ichimonji Buffs Champion 1.4+ mil dps for 100c

I dont know how to link items so just follow this path of building as i write :)


As you can see the build reach 1.4+ mil dps without rings, amulets, jewels, body armor and gloves. Later i will tell you what you can get for them apart from filling resists.

Mandatory uniques are:
The swords, 1c (5c each for a good roll)
The devouring diadem, 30 c
March of the legion , 1c
Perseverance, 1c (up to 20c for max roll)
6 link Saintly Chainmail, 20c (u can get better bases for more)
or shroud of the lightless, 12c, but you need to have the prophecy to
get the 5 link (6 with the passive ele pen)

The total is around 90c, and then you can fill other items with what you find if you want to stay on budget.
This build is that cheap, and works for a league starter.

The concept of this build is playing as many buffs as our fingers can press, and getting them even further buffed by our double ichimonji.

Now i will tell you all the buffs we actually use on this build (auras are also buffs!)

Passive buffs from gems:
Anger, Wrath, Haste, Herald of purity, Blood and Sand (just stay in blood stance we need our fingers for other buffs)

Passive buffs from tree and gear:
Fortify, Onslaught

Active buffs
Smite, Molten shell, vaal ancestral warchief, adrenaline (we will cast it by pressing elemental weakness in our boots)

For my skills i use q w e and the wheel, so with my setup i can't play vaal haste and phase run but keep in mind that they are an option if you have another setup.

Build playstyle :

Pop ele weakness at the start of the map, it will give you adrenaline.
As soon as adrenaline is popped use molten shell to start leeching life back safer.
kill everything with smite.
Pop warchief for bosses.
Care, adrenaline is on a 20 second cd and ele weakness is on 11 to 15 second cd, so just pop it on cooldown and you won't have to worry about the adrenaline.

Options for rare items

First of all, since you will use es as your mana source try to get jewels with es gain of hit, they are very cheap. We have es leech on smite also so it won't be a problem to sustain es.

For jewels you can also get a watcher's eye with 30% phys converted to lightning, they are around 30c and it's a cheap option paired with 20% conversion from gloves (crafting bench).
Conversion boosts your dmg by alot, and you need 50% since smite only convert 50%.
For starters, you can get a hrimsorrow for 50% to cold, we dont need the burn, it will only cost you 1alch.

For the rings you can just get resist or when you can afford it you can go Mark of the Elder (3c), with a Poacher's mark on hit in the other ring (craft it with alteration spam). If you do so, respec the life leech nodes on the tree and go for the extra curse node near the elemental overload.
You can also get +1 curse on your chest with the crafting bench.

For the amulet just get resists and 20% phys as extra lightning, they sell around 10c but try to craft one for the fun.

For the chest just get life and resists, if you have low standards the craft won't cost you much.

U can level with smite from the start if you want, but the tree is a pretty generic 2sword. Double chitus needle or The Tempestuous Steel will get you to 58 for the Ichimonjis, blu swords are ok too.


I think this build is fun and uses alot of new items and skills, so that's a pro. It's fast, it's tanky because you know... champion and BUFFS...
It's cheap, it's new but also hipster. Good league starter. Probably can do everything in the game.


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