[3.7][LSC] GoldenFrisbee (Deadeye Cold Shield Throw) / UberElder Viable / Shaper DPS 1.6M~2.1M

Hi guys! With the new Divide & Conquer jewel, shield throw can now deal respectable single target damage and also have decent clear speed. I wanted to convert my phys to cold, but I was not sure whether the dmg would be good enough for Uber Elder, so I chose to use the Golden Rule & Red Trail combo to get 5 frenzy charges which gives me ~20% more dmg to ensure that we are endgame viable.

Uber Elder at lv86 - https://youtu.be/B9w8Vw0QO4Y
Uber Elder at lv90 - https://youtu.be/9dCrYDNKnbs

Above Uber Elder fights are done using Slower Projectiles as the 6th link, here's one using Energy Leech instead.

1. 50% more damage with our first hit.

2. Gain frenzy charges on hit through inflicting bleed onto ourselves.

3. Convert > 90% phys to cold through Watcher's Eye so we don't bleed ourselves to death.


+ Tanky. High armor, high physical reduction, high molten shell shield
+ Decent in both single target and clearing

- Somewhat hard to gear, also not budget friendly.
- Can't do ele reflect maps.

Tank shaper slam ☑

PoB Import: https://pastebin.com/Y1pUArYZ

Bandits - Kill All.

Lv90 Passive Overview


Shield Throw (6L, rare chest armor)
Shield Throw + Vicious Projectiles + Elemental Dmg with Atk + Elemental Focus + Cold Pen. + *Energy Leech
Changed Slower Projectiles to Energy Leech, since we are using the Devouring Diadem, we'll almost always be leeching ES, so Energy Leech will offer a higher dmg output.

Auras (4L in Helmet, The Devouring Diadem)
Hatred + Herald of Ash + Precision + Enlighten
1. HoA helps clearing.
2. Precision does not need to be leveled up to lv20, the more accuracy you have on your gear, the less level your Precision needs to be.
3. With a lv3 Enlighten support, we can use one more 25% mana reserving skill per your preference. Personally, I am using Aspect of the Cat, beacuse Cat's Stealth helps us maintain Elemental Overload, and after EO is up, it alters to Cat's Agility and grants atk speed instead.

Main Hand Weapon with "Trigger a sockected spell when you use a skill"
Projectile Weakness / Wave of Conviction or Frost Bomb / Desecrate
The purpose of using Desecrate is to create corpses for Feast of Flesh to consume. This way we gain 2000HP & 2000ES every 5 secs.

Other Buffs (in Shield)
Vaal Molten Shell / Blood Rage / Golem

Movement Skill (4L)
Leap Slam + Fortify + Cull + Ancestral Protecor (or Warchief)

CwDT (4L)
CwDT + anything you want
I am using Purifying Flame and Vortex to gain minor advantages, but frankly I don't think a CwDT setup is needed.

The setup in PoB is my current setup, here I will list what mods I think is good for this build.

Main Hand Weapon - try getting two "Gain sth as extra sth dmg" mods onto a Shaper base sceptre.

Shield - aim for 2500 armor on your shield, shield throw's dmg scales off of local armor value.

Decent midgame uniques

Body Armour - look for life & ele resists, if you have the currency, you can try crafting an astral plate with 7L maim

Helemt - The Devouring Diadem
Shield throw consumes 40~50 mana per use, with the Devouring Diadem, we can get Eldritch Battery and consume ES instead.

Gloves - Rare gloves with life and ele resist on your gloves, the gloves you buy or craft needs to have one open prefix so you can craft 20~25% phys to cold mod.

Boots - The Red Trail
Frenzy charge generator, mandatory for this build.

Rings - Mark of the Elder + one shaper base ring.
Look for life and ele resist on your rare ring. AED is good but will cost a lot. If you are having trouble getting enought ele resist, you can change Mark of the Elder to a rare ring.

Amulet - Shaper base rare amulet with "gain %phys as extra cold".
Multi-mod to get life and resist if you can.

Belt - Rare stygian belt with life and ele resist. Get ones with AED if you can afford it.

1. Watcher's Eye with "Phys to cold while affected by Hatred" mod. Without this self-inflicted bleed will hurt a lot.
2. The Golden Rule, mandatory so we can self-inflict bleed.
3. Divide and Conquer, mandatory.
4. Rare jewels with following mods: %chance to cause bleed, life, atk dmg & speed while holding a shield, cold damage, projectile damage.
5. (Optional) Unnatural Instinct: Getting bleed chance on rare jewels can be a headache, if you have UI, you can put it next to Golem's Blood to get bleed chance, along with some life and ele resist. BUT, you'll need to use Soul of Shakari and get the upgrade "immune to poison", otherwise you'll poison yourself to death.

Flasks - Wise Oak / Atziri's Promise / Taste of Hate


PoB Shaper DPS (without flasks)

Armor Value (while bleeding and with normal molten shell)

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