[3.7] New Meta Champion AURABOT - Supporting 1,400+ Delves!


With 3.7 Auras got a few new buffs, changes, and skills. Our Current Scion Aurabots, Mana Guardians, and Cursebots couldn't bring out the full potential of these new changes.

I introduce:
The Champion Aurabot

Not Shown: Flasks, Vaal Grace, Vaal Molten Shell. With Soul Ripper, we can get 100% uptime on both vaal skills. With high enough aura effect, this will mean capped attack/spell dodge, and an effective 30k+ hp pool.

This build works synergistically with other aurabots. Since many of the buffs we give from our ascendancy and skills are not used by most aurabots, we will be able to work together with them.



My Build: https://pastebin.com/yKXwf2ZG

Level 100 Gearless Tree: https://pastebin.com/763YUXw8

Please do not copy my tree, as you will very likely have a different Glorious Vanity Jewel. When you get your own jewel, you will need to make appropriate changes to your own tree.


Our three duration spells linked with increased duration. This is to get 100% uptime on both vaal skills with Soul Ripper.

Here we have out +2 to aura gems, which gets our purities to 21, along with enlighten.

Here we take advantage of having 15% reduced mana reservation.

For your main attack, there are a few options. However, these four supports are relatively universal for whatever skill you are using.

Interchangable gems include these. If using Smite, Generosity is a strong support. If not, life gain on hit is very good for survivability.

Remaining Gems go in weapon and unset rings.

Bandit: Kill all 3.
Pantheon: Souls of Arakaali and Shakari. Capture all with the divine vessel for more effects.

Gear And Explanations:

For our weapon, we need to cap impale chance, so we need to craft hybrid Phys/Chance to Impale. Other than this mod, shaper's faster attacks can save a support slot, and Bound Fossils can give 2% ally damage per aura.

For our Shield, we need to get a shaped shield. The most important modifier is 15% reduced mana reservation of socketed gems. After that, getting max res is huge for our defence.

For our rings, the most important modifier is Life gain on hit. This will keep us alive as we are attacking and heal us to full when we take damage. It is also crucial to craft - mana cost of skills because we will run out of mana using our skills if their cost is not low enough.

For our amulet, we need to get a 5% reduced mana reservation shaped amulet. Other important mods are life, -mana cost, and chaos resistance. Aspect of the Avian also needs to be crafted on a piece of jewellery.

For our belt, stack as much life as possible. Rallying Cry is useful because it saves us from having to swap gems.

Saqawal's gives 10% reduced mana reservation and is essential to getting more auras. Craft Aspect of the Avian on a piece of jewellery.

Kaom's Roots adds a ton of HP and Stun Immunity. The enchant you use on your boots is your choice. Regeneration or Movement Speed are both good choices. (I do not use the corrupted Level 21 Haste, that was a brick)

For our gloves, we need to get +2 to level of socketed Aura gems so we can get to level 23 for our purities. Any gloves can be used here, as long as they +2 your purity of fire, lightning, and ice. The ideal stats are just stacking life and chaos resistance.

For our helmet, we need to get a reduced mana reservation of one of our auras. The second modifier necessary is 5% reduced mana reserved. After, stacking life is the most important.
When you can afford it, multi-modding a helmet with Fortify effect will make you even tankier.


Our Life flasks can either be a Blood of the Karui, or a seething divine life flask of staunching.

If you chose to use a Blood of the Karui, we need to get bleed immunity on our second flask. This flask can be a basalt flask or an amethyst flask. If you are using a staunching life flask, shock immunity or melee knockback are useful modifiers.

More Defences from our flasks.

Soul Ripper is very important if you plan to deep delve. With it, you get 100% Uptime on Vaal Grace and Vaal Molten Shell. It is also very useful for normal mapping. However, it is very expensive and this build can function without it.


All of our jewels except for one need to be vaaled for 1% reduced mana reserved. This most likely means that our Glorious Vanity will not be vaaled.

Both Conquerer's Efficiency and Potency are strong and relatively easy to get with a corruption.

Might of the Meek placed south of the Scion start gives us a 10% increased life, along with some other stats.

An Intuitive Leap can be used to shortcut 3 nodes to get the Charisma Notable and reduced mana reservation.

A Watcher's Eye may be hard to find because you need the corruption. However, since we are using many auras, there are quite a few modifiers that are useful.

The Remaining jewels can be any rare jewels with life. Attack Speed, Chaos Res, and life gain on hit are also decent mods.

Glorious Vanity
Glorious Vanity is absolutely required in this build. Stacking Aura effect with this jewel can let you hit insanely high numbers with your max res.

1. Commanding Presence 13% Aura Effect
2. Commanding Presence 14% Aura Effect
3. Commanding Presence 11% Aura Effect
4. Commanding Presence 11% Aura Effect
5. 32% Increased Armour
6. Commanding Presence 11% Aura Effect
7. 4% Increased Aura Effect

Currently, I am not using all the aura nodes on my jewel because with them I will not get another +1 to max res and they require too many points to pay out. Your Jewel can be placed anywhere you can get enough aura effect that is along the tree. Far outside between jugg and templar, Jugg node, Jugg/Duelist corner, and duelist area are all good places for it.

This is my first build guide so any feedback is appreciated.
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i will save the link, cus i need more tankiness at 1k+ deling, where usual aurabots dying even in 500-ish depth.

Do you have some experience from running hard nodes in deep delve, mate?
I want to know, where this exact support helps the most, and where it cant help? Would appreciate ur reply
No Victario's? A shame.

Victario's gives more res, more aura effectiveness (level 30 generosity is NOTHING to scoff at, that's a TON MORE DPS for your cleaning crew.) Did I mention it's more %Reserve than a perfect Saqawal's?
I don't check my posts. Once I post 'em, they're staying as-is. Best way to contact me is through the PM system.

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Looking to make my first aura-bot, is this build very expensive? Is it possible to make it work with around 15-20ex?
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