Channel bug since 3.7.3d patch

After the patch I instantly noticed that if I am using cwc cyclone and during that I use some Vaal skill or Enduring Cry, it (sometimes) gets cancelled.

Also, enduring cry(and vaal ice nova for example) cast time is longer now, if you are casting it while channeling something. Now the time it takes enduring cry to be cast and be cancelled was equal to previously being cast and not cancelled.

Enduring Cry is working as was before if you are walking and not channeling anything.
Last edited by Karr123 on Jul 11, 2019, 8:41:12 PM
Last bumped on Jul 12, 2019, 2:53:04 AM
I've been having the same issue. The behavior is inconsistent with how it was before the latest update, and it is really easy to accidentally cancel skills.

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