3.7 Armageddon/Molten Strike Inquisitor

I am not a veteran to this game but I am to rpgs/mmorpgs and so as I learn I ask questions. I had created a thread earlier detailing what my goals were with this character, it never got answered, I assume this might not as well. But I will put a simple layout as to what I have been working on. My thread wont have pretty pictures or an extremely detailed layout. I have been reading things and changing as I go, and basically have questions.

I wanted to make something similar to a Ret Paladin pre-Burning Crusade, you know shitty but not shitty ;p. Basically they were their for one thing in the raid or the dungeon, BUBBLE! I have made a Venom strike pathfinder and enjoyed it immensely, sort of given me an understanding of the game. I had numerous characters I had deleted prior to her.

Her is my layout and with poemate you will be able to see it. The skills I am using are Armageddon Brand, Molten strike, shield charge, and flame golem. I was going all around at first, the entire tree, getting increased projectile damage. I then realized maybe focusing on increased fire damamge, burn damage, etc would be better and got all my skill refunds. I figure something that boosts fire and such will be better overall than projectile damage for the molten strike, considering armageddon brand is my primary damage dealer.

Any suggestions would be great. Anything would help, skills, gems, jewels, gear, etc.



ps. oh and just so everyone is aware I am not looking for the ultimate build. I basically wanted to cast my brands from a distance, shield charge in, and molten bash shit to death. I want something that could potentially do everything, I get ele reflect, or something could hinder that but the possibility is what I want. I want a challenge and something fun.
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Just a critique on your tree and general plan. Don't take this the wrong way.

disclaimers first, I am no POE expert, nor Do i understand your build goals because i have never played many MMORPGs.

Are you trying to replicate a certain build from WOW?

On to the critique.

1. Your goals - pairing Armageddon brand and Molten strike is a bad idea.
Molten strike (MS) is an attack, and Armageddon brand (AB) is a spell. Attacks and spells want competing mods on your weapons, and very few passive nodes synergise with both. Molten strike scales best with high attack speed, decent damage weapons, and ADDITIONAL PROJECTILES (very important). Armageddon brand scales best with cast speed, spell damage, and general caster mods. Can't imagine any weapon that would be good for both.

This sets up why your tree is a mess and does not do anything well, for AB or for MS.

2. Your tree is a mess. You only pick up 54% increased total life, but for some reason you want 6 jewel slots. even if you were to fill all the jewel slots with jewels with increased life, and have decent life on gear, you would struggle to approach 4k Lifepool. This is bad because your tree is based on being level 96. you will not get to the endgame with low life and low dmg.

3. Your tree is useless for MS. You dont take any attack passives, thus barely scaling your weapon damage. i.e. All your spell and brand nodes do nothing for MS. you travel 15 points for point blank, which does nothing for your Armageddon brand, and travel another 15 points for Acrobatics which is ok, but very wasteful. It would be better spent getting more dmg and life.

My advice is, if you are still figuring out POE, pick one Skill and focus on that. POE is a game that rewards focus on a single skill.

Or if you want to mix attacks and spells, look for guides, as the mechanics involved are slightly more complicated. e.g. COC builds (cast on crit)

IMO its not all bad, You have some good instincts when it comes to POE.
I think you were trying to scale generic fire damage to scale both AB and MS damage, and picking Inquisitor is also excellent in that respect.
I believe your plan fails because you dont have the necessary context to judge what a good build is and what a good build requires.
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