[3.7] Life-based, Zerphi's Heart, Headhunter, BV Occultist | Expensive but satisfying Clear, WIP


Ever since I found out about the Zerphi's, Headhunter, Shackles, Kaom's roots combo, I've been wanting to make various builds out of it to see if I could finally theory craft something myself. The purpose of the build is not to be budget-friendly, or for insane bossing. This is meant as an expensive clear-speed build in High-tier maps. Beyond and nemesis are your best friends in this type of build. If none of this sounds like it would be the build for you then click away now. Let's get into it.


The Idea

We self-curse ourselves using Shackles of the Wretched.

Herald of Ice-Temporal Chains-Ice Bite-Curse on Hit

We cancel out the negative Action Speed from the curse using Kaom's roots.

Our Headhunter, Zerphi's, and other duration based Buffs expire a LOT slower.

Passive Tree

PoB Link

The Gear

Required gear
Average Cost - 150 EX

Flexible Slots
Average Cost - 5-15 EX

I decided to go with a rare Bone Helmet with
lot of resists
Other options include a rare helm with Temporal Chains Curse Effect to make maximum use of the self-curse, or a Starkonja's, optimally with the Temp Chains curse effect.

Average Cost - 5-8 EX
BiS for clearing is an Inpulsa's, but if you can't cap resists through helm and ring slots then get a rare chest with high life and resists.

Two rare rings. Preferably with an Assassin's Mark on hit shaper ring, but if you can't afford that, go with two rare rings and unspec the additional curse node on the tree. You can also fit two curses into the gloves but you'll be cursing yourself with two curses and lose out on ice bite.

This is where I really wimped out. Really did not feel like trading for better weapon options. You can either dual wield and leap slam around. Or go the cheap route and pick up a Doryani's Catalystand a rare shield with life + resists and shield charge around.

A really good Jewel for us is the Phys to Cold conversion Watcher's Eye. Other than that, prioritize resists, life, and QoL stuff, like attack speed.


Gem Links


Herald of Ice-Temporal Chains-Ice Bite-Curse on Hit

Vaal Blade Vortex-Increased Critical Strikes-Increased/Concentrated Area of Effect-Physical to Lightning Support-Spell Echo-Added Cold Damage

Flexible, I chose to go with a 4-link Shield Charge/Leap Slam Setup
Shield Charge/Leap Slam-Culling Strike-Faster Attacks-Fortify

Flexible- I chose to go with Vaal Haste, Less Duration setup + Golem
Vaal Haste-Less Duration
Summon Lightning Golem


That's it for now. This guide and build are still WIP so let me know what else I should cover in this build guide.
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Hey Im also in the same spot as you in the sense that im trying to put HH in all sorts of builds and this one looks really nice, im just wondering why occultist and what should i be looking for if im going to craft a rare wand/mace
Man build look nice i love hh builds i wil try this one on std at 98 lvl witch and maby i wil try to hit another one 100 :) but 1 think you have aditional curse from ascendany so why you take 3rd one from passive tree ? i see you use only 2 ok my bad ele weaknes on gloves XD
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