What happened to voice acting after act 5?

I've been noticing this on a few characters in the past few leagues, but finally decided to ask this question today.

What happened to character\lore voiceacting after act 5?

Before act 5 after your character entered a picturesque instance he would drop a comment, same upon slaying some powerful enemy - really helping you establish your connection to your character and the world they live in:

* Marauder and Templar look on things through the prism of their belief systems
* Ranger reacted to things as a nature-loving enthusiast
* Shadow would make edgy comments, sometimes - borderline cringeworthy, but still fun.

Nothing after act 5. Sin kinda takes over - commenting on every minor and major god you slay. While still better than nothing, I'm already starting to miss cringy Shadow comments in act 7.

You would get a comment from your character every 5 lvls - but I just gained a 55th lvl as a Shadow in act 6 and got nothing.

Before act 5 you would get a few character-specific lines from every other NPC - signs of respect for Templar, hints at being dishonest as Shadow, etc.
Sure, after act 5 you're interacting with the same NPCs you already know, but getting a few character-specific lines would still be great.

Before act 5 almost every piece of written lore was voiceacted - and with exceptional quality. I still remember the borderline panicking woman voice from all the etchings in Fellshrine ruins. Or the Utula reading out Karui mythology in act 5.
Even if you are rushing through the story you could still tag these pieces and enjoy the content on the move - you created the system for that.

But in act 6? Nothing. All the messages and letters scattered on the beaches - you have to read them yourself. Considering that they are well-written and knowing that you are capable of producing great voice action, it's a shame that you stopped.

While I do understand that these issues are not gamebreaking by any means (especially considering that PoE is endgame grind oriented ARPG with majority of players skipping story content in 5 hrs), I just LOOOVE the voiceacting in this game (even reading that LOOOOVE with Einhar's voice right now). You have access to incredible talent, GGG. And a few voicelines can make a HUGE difference.

Please tell me you have plans to improve on these issues in 4.0!

Thank you for attention.
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While I agree it would be a lot better with more voice acting, it is unfortunately the case that many of the original player character voice actors are unavailable now.

I can also leave a teaser here that we do have longer term plans that involve more and better voice acting in a general sense, eventually making this problem go away completely.
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We would LOOOOVE to see that teaser, oh mighty First One!
What a 4.0 tease

The new and improved character models (and new/better rigging that came up in one Baeclast podcast) also get new voice actors.

I guess that some AAA game devs hire professional (Hollywood) actors now (Tomb Raider, Overwatch) and that POE is much larger now, makes hiring new voice actors with a contract for the next 2-3 years easier, as barriers have been broken in the last couple of years. Voice acting for games is now a legitimate gig for actors/readers to put in their IMDB.

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