[3.7] [Occultist] Frostblink | 200k ~ shaper DPS | Red Tier

I have challenged Frostblink in 3.7. I achieved Red Tier Maps and Yellow Elder.
This build isn't good for starters or beginners, but I'm doing it so much fun that I want to share it.
Pro's & Con's
+ good clear speed
+ all skill instant so you don't need cast speed
+ funny
- low single target dps
- busy and difficult to play
- not cheap

This skill is instant and has cooldown time (lv20 2.60s).
It has bonus cooldown recovery speed for each enemy in area.
Considering the characteristics of skills, this build emphasizes the following two factors
inc AoE : More AoE more enemy in area.
Gem level : Base cooldown time becomes 2.55 at level 23.
For one hit damage and inc AoE, Occulist is the best Ascendancy class.


Forbidden Power: 45% over inc AoE and damage
Profane Bloom: Clear speed
Malediction: Defense and more damage
Void Beacon: Reduce cold resistance

My Gear

+1 Power Charge and great inc damage

LL sets

Freeze immune and mana

High ES and +1 Power Charge (not have to be Vertex)

High ES
"inc cooldown recovery speed" is better, but not mandatory.

ES, Attribute, Resist

"(30-50)% increased cooldown recovery speed of Movement Skills used while affected by Haste" is most important.

Inner Conviction grants 30% more damage.

Gem Links

Frostblink-Power charge on crit-Cold pene-ES leech-Empower-Inc AoE
Frostblink-Power charge on crit-Hypothermia-ES leech-Empower-Conc
Vortex-Curse on Hit-Frostbite-Bonechill (or Arcane Surge)
Blood Magic-Zealotry-Precision(lv1)-Enlighten(lv3)
Phase Run
Vaal Grace


PoB can't show Frostblink dps at version 1.4.146.
So I estimated the dps using lv25 ice nova.


Base cooldown time: 2.55s
Cooldown recovery speed: +109%
Cooldown time if no enemy in area: 1.22s
Cooldown time if one unique or rare enemy in area: 0.82s
Damage per hit(no flask): 270k
Shaper DPS: 329k


Leveling with this skill is extremely difficult, so you choice other leveling skills, for example, bane, vortex, and so on.
I recommend to use Frostblink after at least lv68.

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But why?
I just say : Incredible.
I love PoE build diversity.
This is one of the reasons I play Path of Exile.

Good job making this build work!
Wardking wrote:
But why?

Better question is, why not? Looks pretty fun at any case.

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