[3.10] Blocktasm: 5.5k HP, flaskless 78/75 block, Dirt cheap. 1 mill screenwide DPS with knockback

3.10 Summary

Use bone offering and passives to permanently be at 75/78 block, while your phantasms (and skeleton mages) deliver screenwide damage that knocks enemies back.

Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/fpMmRdfP

Essential Items: Soulwrest, stone of Lazwar
Cost: Early in the league, Soulwrest costs a bit more. Midleague, it will be well under 50 chaos.

What you get:

- 1 mill screenwide DPS
- 75 spell block, 78 attack block
- 800 life regen
- sand stance for blind and less damage taken
- defensive animate guardian:
I suggest singularity, whakatutuki o matua (or sentaris answer), leer cast, victarios flight, zathandeus cassock.
Providing hinder, tar (or temporal chains and elemental weakness) plus consecrated ground, and great life regen for all.

Skills: Bone offering, summon phantasm, summon skeletons

Old build, full tank version



Here's a gem of a build that uses phantasms in Soulwrest for screenwide physical damage. Most of our remaining effort is spent buffing up the amazing defences. It excels as a beginner friendly, cheap, simple way to push into red maps without having to die or dodge or target anything. It is also one of the old school creative synergy builds, in that it does not rely on high rolled stats or expensive gear.

PoB link: https://pastebin.com/7ravMn6K


- You can reach almost full build at the super cheap price of 3 chaos.
- So many defences there is a section in here on them all
- Really nice clear speed for a super tank build
- Will really easily get to red maps without needing high level or good gear
- Very forgiving on positioning, kiting, loot collecting, reading monster mods and getting distracted while playing


The almost full build version costs just 3 chaos to buy a soulwrest, alphas howl and kaoms roots. All the other gear can be found or bought for peanuts. The cheap version is not that much worse than the super expensive version, which is why this build is excellent for players like me who hate relying on grinding, farming, trading, crafting.

The super expensive version is about 2 Ex, due to the currently high price of kaom's heart, plus you'll want to spend a bit on level 21 purity gems.


Using an EHP calculator, the build gets easily to 90K EHP and up to 120K EHP.
Most builds are considered tanky with 40-50K EHP. The high block + blind chance means we don't get hit much, and the various damage reductions make it hard for any hit to oneshot us. The spaced out hits we do take generate endurance charges, and have a lot of life regen/flask regen to shrug them off.

- Completely ranged damage allows us to be safely positioned
- Hands free damage allows us to kite
- 78% block chance
- 65% spell block chance
- Flesh and stone set in sand stance gives us permanent blind of enemies and 20% less damage from ranged enemies
- Decoy totem in voideye gives it a huge buff to its survivability, so it will soak up a lot of damage, and cause taunted monsters to do 10% less damage to you and your phantasms. It's best feature though is making high damage monsters send their damage elsewhere, and spend time running. It also collects monsters together so your phantasms piercing projectiles get more bang for their buck.
- 20K armour, plus flat physical reduction. This puts our physical damage reduction at up to 85%.
- easy generation of endurance charges
- stun immunity (kaom's roots), freeze and chill immunity (alpha's howl)
- 1.5 K life regen per second, which is great vs all damage over time, and synergises well with high block chance
- easily reach 82 max resists, which reduces all elemental damage by about 40% more than the normal 75% max resists
- using your mana for elemental resists means we have no pressure to find or buy good jewellery, making it easy to get good other rolls like life, chaos resist and armour.
- 20% less extra damage from critical strikes
- 20% less effect of curses
- Increased armour while stationary
- scope to get guard skill buffs from the tree
- your damage dealing skill (bone offering to summon phantasms) also works as your active defensive skill, plus we have long skill effect durations, so this is permanently up with minimum button pushing.
- We have space for a curse if wanted: projectile weakness is superb for the knockback chance, enfeeble or temporal chains for defence or vulnerability for bleed chance.

Items and gems

Soulwrest - Needed for damages. Summon Phantasm on Kill > Brutality > minion damage > Greater multiple projectiles > faster projectiles > faster casting/controlled destruction

Kaom's roots - Not necessary, but good armour, life, stun immunity and slow protection

Stone of Lazhwar - Used for 15% spell block. Cast speed is nice utility too.

Voideye - Used for an incredibly tanky decoy totem. You can also use it for an incredibly tanky animate guardian, but since this build is all about defences, I say go the totem!

Alpha's Howl - gives us high level purities for resists and max resists, as well as chill and cold immunity, mana reservation reduction.

Ring - Any rare that gets you life, enough resists. If min/maxing, this would be where you try to get chaos resist

Belt - Any that gets you life and enough resists. If min/maxing, this would be where you try to get chaos resist

Kaom's Heart - a bit of armour and some nice life. With all our defences from other sources, the pure life gets us a lot more bang for buck

Boots option 2 - get bubonic trail so that your phantasms sit at 20 without so many button pushes.

Boots option 3 - get any nice rare boots and put some utility spells in there like immortal call, CWDT + enfeeble, chaos golem, frost wall, etc.

Boots option 4 - get rainbow stride for the extra spell block.

Chest option 2 - IF you don't want the kaom's heart, you can go for a 6 link chest with armour, life, and possibly an elder mod or two. These are usually nice and cheap, and you can throw skeletons or something in here for an extra 400K damage.


We are running as a Scion. First goal is the Gladiator for block and spell block. Next we get Necromancer so that bone offering increases our block and spell block. This also gives nice skill effect duration and a bit of damage increase for the phantasms. Finally we take 3 passive skill points.


Whatever you prefer. The only useless one is Brine king if you are already using kaoms roots.


push desecrate then bone offering. this makes 5 phantasms and gives you and minions block chance.
Do this 4 times to get to 20 phantasms.
Run around and your phantasms will run with you or teleport to you and kill all the mobs.
When 5 of your phantasms expire you desecrate + bone offering again.

Summoning 5 at a time is actually better than summoning 9 at a time, because if you are lazy or forget to resummon them, then you'll still have 15 doing damage instead of 11 if you let them expire.

If you get to a hard boss fight or a screen full of enemies, just cast decoy totem and wait for a bit. your phantasms are great for clearing, but a bit slow for single target. You'll be more efficient if you simply run past high HP targets.

If things look painful, pop potions, flame dash away and resummon phantasms

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