[3.7] Voidforge Berserker Cyclone - 7.6K HP, 14M+ DPS (8.7M Shaper)


Greetings! Just wanted to share the current build I am using which is a Berserker Cyclone build (another one). This is not a serious guide at all, as you can tell by the sparse wall of text.

Credits: diabloyd's Juggernaut Cyclone build:

I have cleared the following:
Uber Atziri
Uber Elder - Deathless
Shaper - Deathless
5 Emblem Encounter - Deathless

You kill most things so quickly that they don't have time to do anything. Elder and Shaper guardians are a joke. You will still die to standard things like one-shot mechanics and reflect. Pyre ring saves us from Porcupines at least.

For leveling I just rerolled my Juggernaut with Regret Orbs. Just use whatever skills you'd like until you get to Cyclone. I do recommend Praxis rings until you can get a good '-Mana Cost' rare ring.

Gem-links are in the PoB. Experiment with whatever you'd like. For some reason my PoB says Elemental Focus would provide a lot more DPS than Combustion. This is most likely an error. You'd be sacrificing shock anyway, so steer away from Elemental Focus.

Please check my PoB for what gear I am using. According to diabloyd, PoB doesn't calculate the Random element boost from Voidforge so he suggested adding a 100% increase to every element to the sword in PoB to more accurately show the DPS.

If you 6-link your own Voidforge, this build shouldn't cost you more than 10ex if you're patient. With 10ex you could probably reach a minimum of 4mil Shaper DPS on PoB. I had poe.trade on live-searches as I played other characters or leveled. All-together, my current setup would cost you a minimum of 50ex.

Currently I am missing:
-Kaom's Corrupt %Life/%Damage
-Uncorrupted boots for boot enchant and possible Pyre corruption (if new bootsh ave cold res as well)

If you'd like to use a different piece of gear, just make sure you still have enough for stats and resistances.

Check PoB (https://pastebin.com/6fbupc1R) for the skill tree and Ascendancy points. I always go with 2x Passive Points bandit reward because lazy. PoB doesn't calculate shock correctly so DPS is actually a bit lower than it proclaims. Clickbait title!

Timeless Jewel:
For my Timeless jewel slot, I moved it around and picked the spot that gave me the most DPS/Utility. It just so happens that the third jewel slot (lower on talent tree) gave me a lot of DPS but also saved me 3 talent points for the life leech. The RARE jewel in PoB shows all the additions my 'Lethal Pride - Kiloava' gave me. I don't know enough about Legion jewels to experiment with which type/number is best. Sorry.


Closing Remarks:
Lazy guide. Move along, my tomodachi.

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i tried this build and i only had 1 mil dps. i dont know why. the only difference was i was using devoto, tombfist, and my voidforge didnnt have fortify so i put it in links.

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