[3.7] - [Unique PermaFlick Strike Build] - [6.8KK Shaper DPS] - [Berserker]

Welcome to Flicker paradise. In this build I first aimed for the maximum phys DPS I could go for, but the damage was inconsistent due to the lack of a way to generate permanent Frenzy charges. So I had the idea to use Farrul's Fur body armour to have permanent frenzy and power charges. This build has the potential to do all game content, although im not sure about Uber Elder and Uber Atziri, I havent tried yet, but uber atziri has now an innate damage reflect which means we can die to reflect easily. Build is Shaper viable.

When i was theory crafting this build i thought flicker strikes needs high AS, so what is faster than raider but also offers tons of damage multipliers? Berserker. Berserker gives rage effects tripled, which means 150% inc Attack damage, 75% Attack Speed, 30% Mov Speed at 50 Rage. Then we have Aspect of Carnage, which offers 40% MORE Damage at the cost of 10% inc damage taken (which is nullified by Fority). And the last golden touch is Flawless savagery, free 80% crit chance (we really need it, because of Marylenes Amu), free flat damage, and free crit multiplier, what else can we ask for? It's the perfect ascendancy.

This build also has a 36% chance to deal Double Damage at 50 rage. In my case 46%, because i use a Lethal Pride jewel placed in the Duelist area that gives me a 10% chance to deal double damage.

The survivality of this build comes from Acrobatics + Phase Acrobatics + Aspect of the cat + Soul Of Lunaris (Pantheon) + Soul Of Ryslatha (Pantheon). All of this combined with the 60+ Life Gain On Hit from claws at 17 attacks per second. We would be immortal if one shotting mechanics didnt exist.

Pro's & Con's

+ Flicker Strike.
+ Insane clear speed.
+ Insane damage.
+ Fun to play.

- Flicker strike.
- 5k to 6k life (we can get one shot).
- Expensive to build.
- If you go for the same claw i use, can be a pain to get the Int needed.



How to solve Marylene's less crit?
Try to get as much local crit as you can, run Accuracy aura (max lvl 4, unless you have tons of HP) with blood magic for free crit + accuracy. Run a Hatred Watcher's Eye that gives Local crit like this one
use a Diamond Flask and your crit chance should be good enough.

How do i perma flick without Golden Rule or Terminus Est?
This body armour in combination with
Grants us Charges every 6 seconds which i havent tested if is enough to sustain, but just in case i have placed Less Duration and Swift Affliction support gems in my Boots. Now we generate charges every 2.55 seconds, At the cost of nothing because Farrul's Fur nullify Aspect of the cat mana reservation.

Skill Gems
* Flicker Strike - Multistrike - Ruthless - Fortify - Melee Physical Damage - Rage or Melee Splash (Rage for single target, splash for clearing)
* Use a second skill of your choice, in case you want to use a secondary attack for certain situations/bosses, the links depend on the skill you decide to use.
* Accuracy - Blood Magic.
* Whirling Blades - Ancestral Protector - Faster Attacks.
* Immortal Call - Cast When Damage Taken - Blood Rage.
* Summon Stone Golem - Hatred.



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