[3.7] Cyclone with 10M Shaper DPS for 1.5ex (Elemental Facebreaker build)

I know the headline is a bit catchy. But here is the proof:


As you see, we reach 10.000.000 DPS with normal skill gems (level 20, no quality) and shitty rares, which I found myself. Of course, this is an ideal case where all buffs are active and in reality you will hardly reach these numbers and sacrifice some damage for more survivalbility (more precise information can be found in the guide below), but you will still do a ridiculous amount of damage.

This build easily reaches 6.000.000 DPS vs. the Shaper for less than 2 exalted orbs investment! More precisely, we only use the unique amulet Xoph's Blood (~1 exalted orb), the unique flask Lion's Roar (~20 chaos orbs) an arbitrary 6-linked body armour (~15 chaos orbs) and cheap rares and uniques for 1-5 chaos orbs. Here you have a bit more realistic scenario, than the PoB-warrior above:


Even WITHOUT flasks (lion's roar), onslaught, blood rage, frenzy charges, berserk, ancestral warchief, etc. we achieve 2.000.000 DPS consistently.

This guide is more to give experienced Players an idea how to build a powerful Facebreaker character. Although, I try to be as informative as I can in this post, I probably dont have the time to answer every Question of new Players. That said, if you are a new Player, Focus on life and Defence and Always try to stay in Motion and follow this guide as close as possible and you should be fine.

I'll try to keep it as compact and informative as possible. Let's go..

6 things I enjoyed about the build

1. Cyclone is fun to play.

2. It uses the new rage mechanic and the reworked Berserker ascendancy.

3. As stated above it has an amazing damage output.

4. Its absurdly cheap.

5. It is very flexible. You can switch to every melee skill and various bow skills and use different weapons.

6. It combines many different aspects of the game, which synergize really well.


The concept of the build.

The idea is to use Facebreaker, The Signal Fire and Xoph's Blood to make the most out of the flat added damage from Cyclone.
Because of the small area of effect of unarmed attacks, we clear with two Razor of the Seventh Sun in our second weapon slot and swap weapons for really tough bosses. With the Razor of the Seventh Sun setup, we still have around 1.000.000 DPS, which is more than enough to clear T16 maps efficiently.


Brief overview:


Which items are absolutly necessary?

This are the core uniques. As stated above the only expensive item is at the point of writing this guide is Xoph's Blood. For the other items I paid 1 chaos orb each.
The corruption on the Facebreaker is nice but not mandatory. Since the gloves can be bought for 1 chaos, you can buy a couple and corrupt it yourself. Temporal chains or elemental weakness would be equally fine. I got my corruption at the third try.
Instead of the Razor of the Seventh Sun you can also use:


Other gear choices

The rest of your gear can be just rare items, which provide you enough resistances (75% for each element), accuracy (~800 accuracy to get close to 100% hit chance), and dexterity (44 dexterity to be able to use cyclone and a bit more to wield Razor of the Seventh Sun) and as much life as possible.
If you have a free slot after meeting the above requirements, you could also use one or more of the following uniques:

to boost your damage.

to boost your area of effect.

for style.


Defence & Utility

We use several defensive layers:
- Arctic Armour
- Enfeeble
- over 6.000 Life
- overcapped resistances (> 100% for all elemental resistances)
- Steelskin
- blind enemies
- fortify
- Infused Channeling gives 8% less physical damage taken
We further employ the following recovery mechanics:
- life leech from Berserker ascendancy
- instant life recovery from Razor of the Seventh Sun
- a small amount of life regeneration


Pantheon Choices:

Pantheon List

Major God:

- Soul of the Lunaris

This is a beast. The additional physical damage reduction, movement speed, dodge chance and chance to avoid projectiles are very welcome in many situations (including the Uber Elder fight). Not to mention the complete avoidance of chained projectiles, which is very handy.

Minor God:

Choose whatever you like or feel to need at your current situation. For Shaper/Uber Elder I suggest the usual:

- Soul of Yugul


Skill-gems & Setups:

Cyclone, Melee Physical Damage, Fortify, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Infused Channeling, Elemental Focus

This is a slightly more defensive setup, as we have more than enough damage anyway.

Utility skills

- Berserk, Steelskin, Dash, Vaal Ancestral Warchief

If you have more sockets, e.g. via unset rings, you can additionally use a golem of your choice (or blood rage <- not recommended).


- Cast When Damage Taken, Wave of Conviction, Combustion, Blade Vortex

To proc Elemental Overload and apply the fire resistance reduction from Combustion and the fire exposure.
If you don't have the curse on hit corruption, I'd suggest to replace wave of conviction by enfeeble.

Heralds, etc.

- Arctic Armour, Herald of Purity, Herald of Ash, Blood and Sand

To get more damage and a bit defense.


Skill-tree & Ascendancy Nodes:


Frequently asked questions:

How to level this build?

Your objective is to reach the 'Spiritual Aid' and 'Spiritual Command' nodes which applies your minion damage and attack speed increases to you as fast as possible. Besides that you can level with any melee skill you like.

I have more currency. How can I improve the build?

I'd focus on getting better rare items - in particular rings and jewels - with better stats (more life, attack speed, added physical damage, damage, accuracy) and some special mods.
Here is a short list with some of the special features, which could further improve the build:
- nearby enemies have -x% to fire resistance
- grants herald of ash
- more sockets for golems and(unset rings)
- aspect of the spider (instead of arctic armour)
- onslaught
- frenzy charges
- endurance charges
- body armour with socketed gems are supported by maim
In my builds I usually enjoy to maximize the effectiveness (damage and survivability) versus the budget. If you are willing to spend the currency though, you can easily push the damage over 20.000.000 DPS, while maintaining your defensive capabilities.

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where is your pob link
zaib7sumair wrote:
where is your pob link

I included POB-links at the start of the guide.
Please help to fight the climate change!
how do you manage mana ? iam out o mana all the time .
First of all, I think this is an interesting build and I'm excited to level one up soon. But, I don't really get where the Razors come into play here. The PoB link doesn't include them and I didn't really quite catch what you meant by switching them during bossing. Can you elaborate?
First of all rage support works only with weapons.No videos cos it's just another PoB theory buid.
dont tell me this is a fake build . iam half way in this build . WHERE IS THIS GUY :@ WHY ISNT HE REPLYING . post us a video dude !
akaiyakusoku wrote:
First of all, I think this is an interesting build and I'm excited to level one up soon. But, I don't really get where the Razors come into play here. The PoB link doesn't include them and I didn't really quite catch what you meant by switching them during bossing. Can you elaborate?

what he means is . you clear maps with 2h swords for increased range . and when you are on a boss where you dont need range and area of effect you switch to unarmed and kill the boss
zaib7sumair wrote:
dont tell me this is a fake build . iam half way in this build . WHERE IS THIS GUY :@ WHY ISNT HE REPLYING . post us a video dude !

Here's a different take on this build (with vids) ... might provide some answers: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2584068
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and i dont understand . is this a minion build ? why so many minion passives ??

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