[3.7] Hillock's Doryani's Fist Build | Touch Me | Berserker | Non Meta | Test | LSC

This build has a decent clear speed and tries to break the meta.
Shield Charge linked to Shock Nova and Cast On Melee Lill for map clearing, Doryani's Touch skill and Ancestral Warchief for single target.

This build uses the old unique called Doryani's Fist.

Another mandatory unique is Lycosidae, to avoid picking up Resolute Technique.

CWDT Setup:

CWDT - Blade Vortex (Vaal for extra juice) - Firestorm - Tempest Shield

Map Clearing Setup:

Shield Charge - Lightning Penetration - Cast On Melee Kill - Innervate - Shock Nova (Vaal for extra juice) - Added Lightning Damage

Single Target Setup:

(Equiped in gloves)

Concentrated Effects - Ancestral Warchief - Elemental Damage With Attacks - Ruthless

Auras Setup:

Wrath - Conductivity - Blasphemy - Lightning Golem


3x Grand spectrum (Viridian ones), 1x Martial Artistry and two rares with life and damage


Crave the slaughter > Pain Reaver > Cloaked in Savagery > Aspect of Carnage

Bandits :

Kill all

Pantheon :

Brine king and Yugul

Passive Trees:

Coming soon

Path Of Building

Coming soon (meanwhile you can check my profile)
Last bumped on Jul 3, 2019, 5:20:39 AM

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