[3.7][LSC] Scion DualCospri / Shaper DPS 1.5M+ /

Some new stuff came out in 3.7, so I decided to try out Cospri but instead of using Lycosidae, I chose to try dual wielding. With the new Precision aura and new Int passives in the top side of the tree, we can now achieve 100% hit chance pretty easily using Precision and Tempered Mind. In addition to accuracy stuff, we also got a new powerful defensive passive, Corrupted Soul, via the new timeless jewel Glorious Vanity (Doryani), making the build a bit tank-ier.

Shaper (lv85, no Doom Cast passives yet)

Uber Elder (lv86, no Doom Cast passives yet)

Uber Elder (lv91)


+ Cospri CoC is fun!
+ Spell related items/jewels are cheaper this league
+ Can achieve 100% melee crit chance without diamond flask

- Need Dex, so gearing can be somewhat hard
- Party-unfriendly


Path of Building Import Link: https://pastebin.com/SxjhrBXX

Bandits - Help Alira (crit multi/ele resist)

Lv90 Tree Overview



Body 6L Cyclone Coc Setup
Cyclone + Faster Attack + Increased Crit Chance + Cast on Crit + Blade Vortex + Purifying Flame
1. Why Purifying Flame? Constant consecrated ground gives us 100% increased crit chance, with a Watcher's Eye we can potentially have another 100% increased crit chance, this way we can achieve 100% melee crit%. (custom Watcher's Eye included in PoB for reference)
2. Using BV because it looks cool with MTX, can change with other skills.
(Maybe Flame Surge combo??)

Cospri Setup
Cospri 1: Frostbolt + Hypothermia + Energy Leech
Cospri 2: Ice Nova + Hypothermia + Elemental Focus
Still deciding if Energy Leech is needed.

Other Setups (Gloves, Boots, Helmet)
Zealoty / Precision / Leap Slam + Fortify
Vortex + Aracane Surge (lv7) + Bonechill + Unbound Ailments
CwDT + Frost Bomb + Orb of Storms / Vaal RF
Aspect of Spider (via beastcrafting onto a rare gear)
1. Vortex setup allows instant and constant arcange surge.
2. Unbound Ailments increases the effect of Bonechill for more dmg taken.
3. CwDT + Frost Bomb --> Cold Exposure
4. Orb of Stomrs setup optional, I am using it for more hits per sec to get the most out of ES per hit mechanic, see gearing section.


Weapons - Cospri's Malice (Mandatory)
Body - Elder Chest with Attach Crit%
Helemt - Scold's Bridle (100% spell dmg)
Gloves - Rare gloves with resit, life, Dex
Boots - Fenumus' Spinnerets
I am using this for two reasons,
1. Gain ES per hit. (main reason)
2. One more web stack. (minor bonus)

Belt - Soul Tether (Life Leech is applied to Energy Shield instead while on Full Life)
Not mandatory, I've been trying without Soul Tether, might change into a rare stygian belt.

Amulet - Rare amulet with crit multi, life, resist.
Rings - Rare ring with ele resist, life, assassin's mark on hit.
If you have enough elemental resist, crafting +1 minimum frenzy is pretty decent.


1. Tempered Mind - top side of the tree
2. Glorious Vanity (Doryani) - below Pain Attunement, if you're lucky, you could get a sick notable off of Arcane Vision.
3. Frozen Trail - additional frostbolt projectiles

4. Watcher's Eye - Find one with Zealotry mod(s)
I was lucky, found and bought a Watcher's Eye that has Precision attack speed + Zealotry increased crit% for only 0.5e. But getting one that has a good zealotry mod will suffice.

Unique Flasks - Atziri's Promise and the Wise Oak

There's a lot of skills/damage sources, gonna use a spreadsheet here.

Offensive Stats (1.5M+ Shaper DPS without flasks, Vaal RF, bonehcill, Spider Webs)

Defensive Stats (4kHP + 3kES, around 7k EHP)

Endgame Lv91 Gear (with Might of the Meek and Unnatural Instinct)

Although the version above is already UberElder viable, if you want to invest even more currency into this build, you can use Unnatural Instinct and Might of the Meek to get even more eHP, damage, atk speed and resist. Example tree and gear included in the PoB import below (it's also my current in-game setup)

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/3gv83B70

DPS Calc (Shaper DPS around 3M w/o flasks and Vaal RF)
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I play a lot PoE and this is the most Fun build, realy nice 10/10 recommended.
The hole C. Ground thing, awesome.

i didnt go 2 Cospris, 1 is super still, had a shield with life and Eva.

and still its ezy clearing all Tier 15
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Cool build i'm currently playing this in the legion season, however I have some major one shot issues, even with fortify up and I've invested a fair amount of ex into this build. Sometimes in legion monoliths I instantly die, Katava, Malachai on no mods can one shot me, the skeleton wheel mobs one shot me, porcupines (I'm working on the pantheon for them) the black elder mobs in an elder map one shot me, it seems like something isn't right I shouldn't die that easy.

There must be something major I'm missing? I can't get past 90 with this build as at some point within 20-30% of exp i'll die to something instantly in one hit and won't even know why, even in uber lab last phase my health seems to just burn to zero and i can't stop it, i have staunching/burning/cold freeze potions, I also have 7425 eHP - 4634 hp, 2791 eShield.

The build just doesn't feel overall very tanky or safe to do slightly harder mods, unless I'm missing something major but it's impossible to tell how you handle fights like chimera/minotaur t15 maps etc without videos. Am i missing something or is it possible to get more tankier from other skills?

My Character: https://pastebin.com/sexLA1zL
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