We are always amazed by how many players like to express their talents in the form of Path of Exile fan art! As we often do, we've gathered some of the recently submitted fan art to share with you today.

Alva and the Temple of Atzoatl by UNZlPPED

Demigod Arc Witch by Gunoo

Abberath by haxxori

Niko by monstrts

Wraeclast Men's Health and Entertainment for Exiles by Kardalak


Einhar Crochet Figurine by lenlenrl

Double Vaal by pangestu

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I have three phones, Blizzard. Three f***ing phones.
Looks good! Looking forward to boss mechanism fixes!
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These are amazing
I am not surprised people come up with such nice art and crafts.
Wraeclast's immersive world has plenty to offer to be sure, it's nice that some take the time to express their love and inspiration with the rest of the community. Thank you guys.

My phone is still using one of the drawings from the last community showcase as wallpaper.
Oooo la la!!
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Good stuff
Witch is a shadow of her former self except necromancer XD
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