[3.7] 2H Sword Cyclone Berserk: 42.7M+ Shaper DPS | 8k+ Life | 160%+ Leech/Sec (All Content Easily)

Note/warning: This build makes use of legacy items and mirrored/mirrorable gear

This is the Berserker variant of my Scion Cyclone guide here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2468397

Now updated for 3.7! Feel free to ask questions if you want clarification on something, or make critiques.

Build Pros:
-Extremely high damage, easily kills any boss in the game in seconds
-Immune to stun
-High life
-High damage mitigation
-High regen
-High leech
-Good AoE
-Can do all content easily including lab farming, deep delving, uber bosses, etc.

Build Cons:
-Is not immortal, can die to super high-damage slams/one-shot mechanics (but usually only if they crit)
-Extremely high budget
-Can't do ele reflect
-Struggles on no-leech maps

100-0% Shaper Kill Gif:

Uber Lab Time

This was a bad layout day which is why the times are relatively high even after 5 hours. On days with good layouts, can get <4 min easily or even <3 min.

Full Shaper run (deathless):

Uber Elder (1 death):

Maze of the Minotaur map run:

Aul (depth 427):

Red Elder:

Full Uber Atziri run(1 death cause I'm bad):
Full Shaper run (0 death):

Full Uber Elder run (0 death):

1 Second Shaper:

Full Maze of the Minotaur map run:


These are not an accurate indicator of DPS, but some people like to see them to compare to other builds using the same skill.

Hideout, no buffs:

In map, flasks up, charges up, 50 rage:

Path of Building:

This is the Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/368PHDTb

The default tree is level 100, but there is also a level 90 and level 80 variant included.

All buffs in the configuration will mostly be up 100% of the time. Rage has a build up so you won't immediately have 50 in Uber Elder.

Typical Shaper DPS:

Fully Buffed Shaper DPS:

Skill Tree:
Pretty self explanatory. To see what the nodes do, go to the PoB.

Ascendancy Choices:

Priority: Crave the Slaughter -> Aspect of Carnage -> Rite of Ruin -> Flawless Savagery

Berserker gives us 40% more damage, a bunch of crit and flat phys damage, and rage which, with Rite of Ruin, gives 150% damage, 75% attack speed, and 30% movement speed at 50 rage.

Bandit Choice:

Alira for all resist and crit multi. A very efficient choice.


Major: Soul of Solaris

With the changes to immortal call in 3.7, this pantheon now gives more benefit than Soul of Arakaali. It provides some damage reduction, a 50% chance to avoid ailments from crits, and most importantly it makes you take no extra damage from crits if you have been crit recently.

Minor: Soul of Ralakesh

This reduces the damage of our blood rage, and gives us immunity to blind/maim, as well as a chance to avoid bleeding.

Gem Links:

6L Cyclone:

Swap out Conc Effect for Increased AOE for general mapping.

Leap Slam:

Lets us move around very quickly when not using Cyclone, and is good for fast dodging. Because we link it to Blood Magic, it also is useful for instantly regaining your mana if you go OOM.

Aura Setup:

Hatred is the most important aura, Blood and Sand is second. Blood and Sand provides a nice AoE bonus while mapping, and can instantly be changed to provide less AoE but more damage for bosses.

Vitality is used for the 30% recovery rate from watcher's eye, but is absolutely not required, as we use instant leech.

You can also throw in Precision if you can afford the mana.

I recommend using Herald of Purity if not using Vitality.

Vaal Ancestral Warchief:

This ability gives us bonus damage, and also deals quite a bit of damage itself. It's especially useful for fighting waves of enemies in delve/breaches and on bosses. It can even tank Shaper beams!

CWDT Setup:

We use this to proc our Elemental Weakness curse and Immortal Call, as well as Lightning Golem. You can also self cast Lightning Golem if you want to use a higher level one.

We also use Blood Rage in this build for extra Attack Speed and Frenzy Charge generation:

You can put this anywhere you want. I have it in my CWDT 6L, although CWDT does not proc it, it gets the benefits of the increased duration support.

My Gear:


Legacy Atziri's Acuity is key for this build. It gives us instant leech, and provides us with more than enough int for all our gems.

Our 2H Sword gives Hit's Can't be Evaded, which is a huge damage boost and makes worrying about accuracy completely unnecessary.

Our chest makes our Cyclone a 7-link by adding Maim, gives us free cyclone, permanent power/frenzy charge generation, and allows us to use two curses.

Hypnotic Whorl is also a great item and gives us our second curse whenever we hit: Assassins Mark. This curse grants us base crit and extra crit multi, as well as power charge generation when we kill.

The synthesized boots give permanent Onslaught, and a ton of movespeed and life, while also providing some nice res and immunity to freeze, as well as an abyss socket.

For our helmet, we use a rare helmet to help cap out our resists, as well as provide additional cold penetration. 40% Cyclone Damage is the preferred enchant.

If you are using different gear and don't need the resists from a helmet, you can also use an Abyssus for a huge damage boost. However, this is completely unnecessary as we already have enough damage to kill any boss in the game in seconds, and insta-phase Shaper and Uber Elder. It also makes you squishier.


Most of these are self explanatory. Curse Immunity on Diamond Flask is crucial for fast mapping and not worrying about increased damage taken from curses.

Taste of Hate is amazing for damage and survivability.

Make sure your cold resist is always at least equal to your highest uncapped resist, so you get an additional 20% cold penetration from The Wise Oak.


Watcher's Eye cold damage conversion brings our total cold conversion to 80%. With the additional penetration, it brings our total cold penetration to 54% (85% with ele weakness), which will easily reduce the cold resistance of almost any monster in the game into the negatives.

For the rest of your jewels, focus on %life + crit multi and attack speed. You can also get some elemental resistances from these if needed.

For Abyss Jewels, You want flat life + attack speed if you've crit recently. You also want % chance to gain onslaught on kill on at least 1 abyss jewel for faster mapping (if you do not have onslaught on boots).

If you can get a good one, Lethal Pride is a great option in place of a rare jewel.

Legion League/Budget Variant:
Coming Soon
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cyclone does damage

cyclone with mirrored gear does more damage

wow, innovative
lol standard
DAAAAMN bro, don't listen to the jealous as fuck scrubs. Thats a crazy amount of DEEPS. Nice build.
ProbablyGettingNerfed - L100 Occultist
Vinktarded - L100 Pathfinder
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This build is insanely expensive almost all items are maxed out, and if you are going to create one without invest some mirrors probably gonna do around 1m dmg.

OP, skill tree lvl 100 is Berseker and lvl 90 is Ascendant btw.

Even a reimagined "cheap lvl 90 version" will be expensive because these Atziri's vaal gauntles.

without investing mirrors and with all buffs/ flasks disabled does around 1.2m on shaper/guardians
looks like needs more crit chance, because the implicit on the build creator gives charges to him on hit/crit and we don't have a item like that.

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