[3.7] HEMORRHAGE! Flicker Strike 100% Bleed Focus. ~900k Shaper DPS. Max block Gladiator

Hi guys. Here is finally the guide of my Flicker Strike Gladiator with 100% Bleeding Focus


Progress 2019-06-30: Uber Elder finally down (very sloppy - so no Video)

Update 3.8: Nothing changed but Multistrike got nerfed (for bleeders). We get Bleeding multiplier from tree, yes. But this doesn't compensate. I calculated an estimate loss of damage of around 15%. This isn't much, but it's also annoying 8[



This is a build focused on the Bleeding Ailment, applied by Flicker Strike.
With Crimson Dance (CD) we can apply 8 stacks of bleeding. The biggest bleeding instance will overwrite the weaker ones. Meaning: When you attack very fast with Multistrike+Flicker you will get 8 large CD bleeds on the enemy.

More details in the background section.


Thanks to 3.7 Multistrike received the necessary rework to make this build possible.
Bleeding builds don't really benefit from very fast Attack Speed, like the old Multistrike was.

But now:


Now grants supported skills 35% more melee attack speed at gem level 1 (from 75% more), up to 44% more at gem level 20 (from 94% more).
Now causes the first repeat of supported skills to deal 40% more damage at gem level 1, up to 50% more at gem level 20.
Now causes the second repeat of supported skills to deal 80% more damage at gem level 1, up to 99% more at gem level 20

So these repeats also give us MORE Bleeding Damage, not just Attack Damage (which wouldn't benefit our Bleeding Damage).

Flicker on it's own has a quite low base damage. It didn't really got these insane flat physical damage additions other skills received. Still with 160% base damage it has a nice multiplier, good enough to clear the endgame.
You maintain Frenzy Charges with

And also Flicker Strike is nice for clearing with Melee Splash+Bleed Explosions by our Ascendancy.

And also it's pretty fun :)

Some Damage numbers:
When PoB shows you for your flicker strike 30.000 bleeding DPS it's in fact the sum of:




times 1.6 because of Delve mod. So 600k DPS.


You can pump a lot of money into the build. I'd say the most expensive thing is the Axe / Fossil crafting.
I'd say you will need around 2 exa to get this build to a very good state.



1) Safe mapper thanks to Flicker's unpredictable bouncing (even for the enemy) and max block.

2) Really good clear speed. I usually clear all the monsters in Legion Encounters (playing T15+ only).

3) Kiting bleeding enemies can make beating them a simple task.

4) No mana problems while mapping.

5) Cheap to start. Expensive to master (for me this is a PRO – you have an aim).


1) Crafting with Fossils can be annoying. Once you have your Axe & Body Armour, it's cool, tho.

2) DoTs can be a pain for you. For instance, when Shaper uses his beam and I flicker into it, my health drops pretty fast.

3) Setup of Resists/Intelligence @ gear can be tricky for beginners


Lvl 91 Tree


+ Intuitive Leap Jewel:

1) Blood in the Eyes
2) Gratuitous Violence (now your clear speed is insane)
3) Painforged
4) Versatile Combatant (now your defense is insane)

Kill all for +2 Passives

Shakaari for poison immunity, because why not?
Arakaali because we fear Chaos damage in general. Or Lunaris.


No special routes here. I went left for Resolute Technique first (100% Hit).



Use Jagged Fossil + 1-slot Resonator to create those. Aim for open prefix (for Life) or open suffix (for Res)

...And of course the Physical Dmg Mod


Just buy any STR-requirement 6L body chest and spam Serrated Fossil + 1-slot resonator on it until you have Maim.


Use Corroded + Jagged Fossil to create this baby.
Must have Bleeding Delve mod and either 90%+ increased physical damage OR 15~30 flat added physical damage AND an open prefix, so you can craft the corresponding part.

Or just have Delve mod and %phys and flat phys ;-)

Inferior examples:


Just buy any set of gloves with
Curse enemies with Level x Vulnerability on hit

I was lucky to get one with +1 curse so I can make use of CWDT+Enfeeble, additionally.


Mandatory for Frenzy Charge generation.


You can throw a lot of money (Corroded Fossils) on Steel Rings.
Mainly you want some INT, Life and Physical Damage to Attacks.
If you have problems with capping resistances you can use a common resist-ring to solve all problems.


Nice Stygian Vise with high resists and Life is BiS.
For Abyss jewel aim for INT/Res/Life/Damage over Time while holding a shield


... Just defensive flasks. And please put 20% quality on your flasks (not like me :P)


Why no Bleeding immunity flask instead of Watcher's eye?
You need to be bleeding to have Frenzy Charge generation on hit. Bleeding immunity would remove the "debuff". Without Watcher's Eye you would permanently die.

Why no other Melee Skill?
Because Flicker Strike has a huge Attack Speed multiplier. The base damage is OK-ish. If you'd use Puncture, Lacerate or anything else you would have around 50% of your attack speed and applying 8 bleeding stacks would be tough.
I hate having a ramp up time for damage. You solve this issue with Flicker's speed.

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added another Phoenix map video, switched Unbound Ailments for Melee Physical Damage... Probably the better choice

scratching 900k single target DPS
Last edited by airparisderjesus on Jul 3, 2019, 10:44:26 AM
Played for a week with your build, and already killed the Shaper with one death. The gear cost me around 100c since it's the middle of the season. Other than that T16 maps are cleared deathles and mapping is really quick.
Dear airparisderjesus
Can i use sword instead of axe ?
hi ! I modified a bit the build, a "optimised" it with MF ^^
now I have 165% rarity increased + 1m2 shaper dps deathless with only 3-4 ex !
Sorry for late response.

Yes you can go for a self crafted sword but Axes have this potential "Culling Strike" mod, which gives you also %increased physical damage (local). this offers best crafting possibilties but ye sword is alright, too
How does Ruthless compare in the gem set up? Wouldn't it eventually overwrites with bigger bleed every 3rd strike?
Any chance this is gonna get updated to 3.9 passive tree?

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