[3.7] CwC Cyclone Arc HCSSF (WiP)

Why da hell you doing this man? Obviously this is what you wanna ask first. So i try to answer to this question.

1. Why?
Since 3.7 make Cyclone channeled, it make perfect sense to make CwC Cyclone build. I decided to make Arc (tried ball lightning, it harder to control smoothly), but it can be used with any spell you want. Our main damage is coming from spell, Cyclone is just a base for it. Vaal Arc help clear Monolith and Legions.

2. Idea behind this.
Main idea is to cast spells while be able to move around field and dodge enemy attacks while still do damage. CwC make spell trigger at certain intervals, which depend solely on CwC gem level, so attack and cast speed totally irrelevant on this. No need to level Cyclone past lvl 1, so no need in dexterity, except you want to use daggers.

3. Why Witch?
I think this build can be made with Templar or Shadow, but i want to do it with Witch. We need spell damage on tree, not physical, so it better to stay on top past of tree. Elementalist in my opinion is best, but i can be wrong, don't i?

4. Passive tree
I take Enki's Arc build as basis, but exclude all (almost) cast speed and take little more defense in this.

Tree after Kitava a5

Tree after Kitava a10


5. Gems

Cyclone-CwC-Arc is our base. All other is your preference, i use Lightning penetration as 4-link now.
I use Steelskin, without CWDT, cuz i better use it manually, since with last patch skill triggered with it doesn't absorb its damage.
Herald of Thunder-Curse on hit-Elemental Weakness

At the moment i try to see if this idea is viable at all, so build is HEAVILY WiP. Kitava a10 cleared, now i will look into maps.
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