[3.7] Soulthirst Cyclone Berserker - Insane Clearspeed on a Budget

Flexusjan's [3.7] Soulthirst Cyclone Berserker

My Idea was it to create a Build with Insane Clearspeed without paying 100+ Exalts for a Headhunter or 20+ Exalts for Inspired Learning.

So, I tested the normal Soulthirst Builds with the 3.7 reworked Melee Skills.
And I had the most fun with Cyclone. BUT with to many Soul Eater Stacks from the Soulthirst Belt I got kicked from the Server - performed to many actions. This Bug has been fixed with Patch 3.7.3 ^_^ Now is the time to play Soulthirst Cyclone!

[Build Summary]

This Belt gives us Soul Eater https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Soul_Eater
increasing our Attack Speed by +5% and our Character Size by +1% per Stack.
We gain 1 stack for every Enemy killed.
The Stacks reset if one of your flasks expire. So the Idea of the Build is making our Flask lasting as long as possible.

So this is the flask with the longest base duration:

You need to know, the flask will stop if your Mana reaches 100%. To prevent this we use the Militant Faith Timeless Jewel https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Militant_Faith with the Word "Venarius" in it to replace the Elemental Equilibrium Keystone with the Agnostic Keystone https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/The_Agnostic
Now we can use our Blood Rage to degen our Life and we have permanent zero Mana.

To increase the duration of our Flask even more, we use the curse Temporal Chains on ourself with this awesome gloves:

[Pros and Cons]
+ Insane Clearspeed
+ 50 Attacks per Second? No Problem!
+ Insane Fast Leap Slam, feels like Teleport
+ Immune to Freeze, Chill, Poison, Burning, Bleeding and Shock
+ Tanky
+ Cyclone
+ No Flask spamming
+ Can be played with one Hand
+ Very Cheap Build, but can improved with some Currency ;)

- You have to track your Flask Duration (every ~40-60 sec)
- Some ramp up time required
- Not good for Bosses with immune phases and without some trash monster.
- Not playable with potato PC


Requiered - so we can get Soul Eater


Requiered - to self-inflict Temporal Chains


Very Strong - Much Life, and Temporal Chains doesn't slow us down


Very Strong - Good Stats, and increase Flask and Buff Duration, the reserved Mana for Temporal Chains is not requiered. We have to self-cast (coh) it.


Enchantment Required - Increased Effect of Temporal Chains.
Craft the Helm with Life, Armour and some Elemental Resistence
Take the 20% Enchant if you want to save some Exalts.

Body Armour:

Life, Armour, Elemental Resistance - thats all you need.
Socketed Gems Supported by Level 1 Maim is nice, but not needed.
You don't need a 6L if you have a 6L Weapon


You need the Mana Cost Reduce craft!! Your Cyclone must have 0 Mana Cost!!!
Fill the Rest with Life, Int/Dex, Resistance and some Phys mods.
Life Gained on Hit also helps a lot.


You can use every one-handed or two-handed Weapon with high phys dps. It doesn't matter. My PoB is created for two-handed Axes, if you want to use other Weapons, change the two-handed and axe nodes on the Skill Tree.
You don't need a 6L if you have a 6L Body Armour.


We need Saturated Sanctified Mana Flasks with useful mods.
You can play this Build with only 1 Mana Flask, I use 5 to get the nice Buffs like immune to Bleeding, Poison, Burning etc.

Required - with Venarius Keystone

two-haned Weapon or Armour:
Cyclone - Infused Channeling - Melee Physical Damage - Brutality - Fortify - Pulverize - Impale - Maim (on Chest)

Leap Slam - Curse on Hit - Temporal Chains - Faster Attacks or ECOMS

CWDT - Molten Shell
Blood Rage (not linked with CWDT)
Berserk (not linked with CWDT)

Blood & Sand
Flesh & Stone
Dread Banner

- Use Blood Rage
- Leap Slam into Enemies
- Press your Flasks (all at the same time)
- Cyclone spin to win

- Use Leap Slam to keep your Temporal Chains up
- Have an Eye on your Flask Duration
- Don't use your Flasks - only if they are expired
- If your Flasks ran out, press your Flasks and start the Legion Encounter, so you can regain some Soul Eater stacks.

[Map Mods]
You should avoid:
-phys reflect

"my Mana isn't empty"
Did you use Blood Rage?
Have you socket the correct Timeless Jewel?
Have you picked up the correct Keystone on Passive Skill Tree?

"my Mana get filled up if I kill some monsters"
You shouldn't have any "Mana Leech", "Mana gained on Hit", "Mana gained on Kill" Mods on your Gear or Skill Tree!

"My Soul Eater stacks disappear"
Check if you use the correct Flasks
Don't spam your Flasks!

"I die to often"
Cap your Resistances!
Stack some Armour!
Make some Level Ups!
Get high Life Rolls on your Gear!

[Video Showcase]
3.7 - T14 Dark Forest https://youtu.be/b-PAbcTmg04
3.7 - T13 Canyon https://youtu.be/QX43RHauxqU

[Path of Building]
This is the DPS without any Soul Eater Stacks and without any Impale Stacks
If you want realistic DPS add:

~100% More Damage
~2500% increased Attack Speed

I hope you enjoy this Build as much as I do.

Be gentle, it's my first Build Guide and English is not my native Language - I'm still learning

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Thanks for the build. Like the concept, but I have a question.

As far as I know, the keystone drains your mana when not on full life. If I have some life leech, the leechrate probably would be greater than bloodrage degen, then would it stop the mana drain?

I've noticed that your character reached 100lvl. Did you level it with this build?
Not sure about this build. you've showcased it running t13/14 maps, and the build isn't all that quick at all.

Has a lot of dps, sure but you literally have to leap everywhere because your cyclone speed is absolutely terrible.
Use vaal breach and you can remove the - con for boss

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