[3.7] "Not Another Cyclone Slayer" by fiqst // 2h Sword // 9k+ eHP // 2.8m Shaper dps // Pure Phys

A crit sword build that focuses on very high critical chance and crit damage via the Overwhelm Ascendancy node and Oskarm gloves, at the same time a very high eHP (9k+) with the use of the Glorious Vanity Timeless jewel and Soul Tether belt.

Budget at time of writing 14-15 exalts. Can be a lot cheaper with an un-linked Terminus est and Tabula Rasa (1.6m Shaper dps, 7.4k eHP)




The sword i'm using is a middle-of-pack exquisite blade with 555pdps and 90% crit multi.

You can get much more powerful swords, even better if you have a fortify sword. The sky's the limit.

Cheaper alternatives include Terminus Est and Doomsower. Kondo's Pride is NOT recommended since we cannot leech life on criticals (90%+)

The Oskarm gloves gives over +100% crit chance (factoring in the extra accuracy the gloves offer and the critical chance deriving from that accuracy)

It gets pretty easy to get 100% hit chance and close to 100% crit chance.

eHP and Timeless Jewels

The use of Timeless Jewels like Lethal Pride are unpredictable and what make one character overpowered by their jewel doesn't mean you'd get the same results.

However, the Glorious Vanity (Doryani) in this build is used for one purpose only, to collect the Corrupted Soul keystone, and to combine its use with the Soul Tether belt.

Together we add another 2k eHP to the build, and life leech applies to both life and ES.

PoB doesn't currently apply any timeless jewels, so this is where it is done:

Also, to correctly simulate Corrupted Soul, I've had to un-take Acrobatics and add the 20% life-to-ES mod to the Soul Tether belt (26%).

The belt also has the mod, "Life Leech Effects Are Not Removed at Full Life". This means we can take the Headsman and Bane of Legends Ascendancy nodes and get the most important effect of Brutal Fervour for free.

I also take Vaal Pact on the tree for even more survivability.

By the way, using a Tabula Rasa straight swap with Kaom's still offers 7.4k eHP.

Area of Effect and Movement Speed

I've focused on area of effect and movement speed as much as i could, choosing to use Pulverise, Blood and Sand, Rage/Berserk, War Banner and Vaal Haste to maximise legion encounters.

I would wait for 50 stacks of rage and a ready Vaal Haste before activating the Monolith, then i cast Berserk and Vaal Haste, drop the banner and use my movement flasks. This ensures i can collect at least 90% of legion mobs, including rares and chests.


The only necessary unique used is the Soul Tether belt, the Oskarm can be dropped if resistances are an issue. Everything else concentrates around life and resists.

i recommend a fangjaw talisman to maximise life and ES


I've tried to include the Impale mechanic in this build, but i find that the investment into at least 8 passives and a gem slot to be not worth my while since i would need to sacrifice either significant eHP and/or AoE to achieve maximum dps that's only usable on the most difficult 1% of the game. Currently, i beat t15 bosses in 3 seconds and the Guardians in about 20, without impale.

This build is directly comparable in clearspeed to a popular crit axe build also found of this forum and having partied with one, neither of the builds can claim to be fastest.

But the advantage of lingering life leech effects, almost 10k eHP AND Bane of Legends, makes this build pretty competitive.

Even more life can be achieved by getting % increased max life on rings.

Even more Aoe can be achieved with +1 range to various pieces of equipment, Daresso's Salute, Carcass Jack, etc.

Even faster movement can be achieved with a Devoto's Devotion.
So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.
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