[3.7] Trickster Toxic Rain CI [all content.. no longer experimental :)]


This is my first attempt at creating a character (in the past i always followed at least part of a build guide).

This league i started out with just a few keystones i wanted to hit, the class and the skill i wanted to use; not even started in pob.

I won't make a complete build guide just yet, but i am interested in (constructive) feedback..


- Passive tree start to hunter's gambit first.

- Using little to no respec to CI.

- a fun versatile build that can go in a number of directions (with minor tweaks if need be)

- not a build of chance; i want semi-reliable damage; e.g. not getting out of the way of certain moves kills, not that sometimes high block/evasion will negate it and other times not.


+ relatively cheap (ish) gear to start with; until lvl 90 i used:
. Short bow level 50 (porcupine cards) and shrieking essence of dread for +2 bow gems.
. Rest of the gear is 1 to 20C depending on stats needed.
and that was enough to take down elder and shaper deathless (although did have some trouble with chimera at times :-)

+ Versatile; most gearing options and choices work
. (hp/es mix, CI , etc.)

+ No trouble at all with proximity shields

+ Nible; 2 movement skills, dash and blink arrow (which helps also with getting monster of your back for a moment..)

+ Can do all map mods

+ Can do all content, although uber elder is quite tricky.

+ In current form just a 6 socket body armour is needed. no need for any links.

+ 99k dps PER POD to shaper, meaning with the calculation formulas floating around u could do between 2 and 5 million dps to shaper.


- Can become expensive to min max (1 ex rings, 13-25 ex bow, etc)

- requires moving around, not a very forgiving build. Mistakes can get you killed quite fast.

- Spread out all over the passive tree; the distance to cover is very large.

- Not hardcore viable.

All in all i have fun playing the build. I hope you do too.

Fun find

During leveling the build i needed a cheap early option to a decent amount of ES. I stumbled upon Doedre's Skin and decided to use it.

It worked so well with the reworked effigies [since 3.5] i kept it on and didn't exchange it for a high es roll vaal regalia or something like a 'The Perfect Form'

Basically i use 5 curses: despair, enfeeble, warlord's mark, poacher's mark, temporal chains.
You can place 3 effigies. They last for about 20 seconds, placement is instant and they have a decent amount of survivability. (i think i only saw one getting killed once!)
..and: it costs no mana to place.

For these curses you don't need to increase curse cap. The curses apply to reflect curse mobs. Unfortunately hexproof does apply.



- Added in wither, the damage increase is too much not to. I dropped frenzy for this.
- Shuffled some skills and points around.

Okay; i leave it here for the time being, since the servers are about to be restarted, so i'm out of time. (planned it perfectly didn't i...)

Have fun and feel free to ask and comment (though please. keep in mind it's only my first build ever. i do have reasons for doing this or that.. if not clear let me know.

I will make a more detailed guide, also with leveling tips, other options (body armour, skills etc) and such depending on the (amount of/ quality of) feedback

Thanks and have fun!
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New pob added. shuffled some skills around.

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