[3.7] INSPIRED HEADHUNTER CYCLONE - ULTIMATE 5 Way Emblem Legion Carry And Map Clear

VIDEO GUIDE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgUDmOzkkKc


Please remember this video contains certain outdated information, especially regarding the curse effectiveness and the old version of the build was built around different curse effectiveness. It still provides very detailed information about other aspects of the build.

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Video explaining curse effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajqyaFQeZKU


Q: I can't fit in all the auras!
A: U gotta use Enlighten 4

Q: My Temp Chains runs out all the time!
A: Use Herald of Ice (instead of Hatred) + Herald of Thunder curse on hit Temp Chains in gloves. This setup doesn't work in 5-way conflict zone because you can't shatter enemies there, but is great for mapping.

Q: Should I craft quality + AS on foil or pure AS?
A: Depends whether you hit something good when crafting +3 range. If you get a phys dps prefix on top of +3 hybrid AS is better. Otherwise on pure +3 hybrid AS is better on Slayer and pure AS is better on Berserker.

Q: Do I need 3 Inspireds?
A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBdhF0b3d4k


Play this build if

You want to carry 5 emblem Legion fight
You want to annihilate maps with insane clear speed
You want to reach level 100

Don’t play this build if

1. You are on budget – play pure physical impale cyclone instead (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B38iYMe09cg). This build is made around Headhunter and it should be your priority getting it over other pieces of gear (like weapons or jewels).
2. You have low-end PC or if you suffer from epilepsy. If you get over 70 HH stacks there are a lot of blinking lights even without MTX.
3. You want to do bosses like Uber Elder, Uber Atziri or Aul. Pure Physical Impale builds are better when it comes to bossing.


SLAYER: https://pastebin.com/zBrAVSbi (timeless Jewels are not in POB yet) - updated on 29.06.2019
Version without Inspired Learnings: https://pastebin.com/gJZYaB6Q

BERSERKER: https://pastebin.com/Qu7J1yHu updated on 01.07.2019
Version without Inspired Learnings: https://pastebin.com/0Jw3Yj81


Slayer is slightly better for mapping and Berserker is 100% better as 5-way Emblem carry.

Slayer gets slightly larger AOE, which serves as protection when clearing maps and also gets reduced damage taken from crits.

Berserker can utilize the skill Berserk very well due to increased rate of rage generation. Crave the Slaughter from ascendancy stacks together with the Rage support gem. Berserk is arguably the best DPS cooldown in 5-way emblem fight because it multiplies damage and movement speed. However it is not as good in maps where you have to pick up items or interact with other league mechanics. In 5-way conflict replace Leap Slam gem with Berserk gem. Also remember the Vaal Double Strike clones snapshot the Berserk.

Berserker also has more efficient tree pathing (even though it may not seem like it) and allows for more damage and extra jewel slot (which is very important for the build).


Headhunter and Inspired Learning jewels steal buffs from monsters, which by default last 20 seconds. With Shaper’s Presence from Solstice Vigil and reflected Temporal Chains through Shackles of the Wretched, the buffs will last over one minute. If buffs last longer, it allows for stacking even more buffs and clearing faster, creating snowball effect.
How much curse effect I need?

45% increased curse effect for Temporal Chains is required to reach the cap for the slower expiry of buffs and debuffs on your character, which is 75%. In other words, if you reach 45% curse effect on Temporal Chains, buffs and debuffs will expire on your character 75% slower. This is with Shaper’s Presence from Solstice Vigil active. Shaper’s presence just helps us reach the 75% slower expiry cap, without it 127.5% Temporal chains curse effect would be required. These calculations are taking the reduced curse effectiveness on players into account.

The line on Temporal Chains gem that says "40% REDUCED EFFECT OF CURSE ON PLAYERS" is ADDITIVE and not multiplicative, meaning a 40% increased curse effect will nullify it.

What are the sources of curse effect?

With Temporal Chains helmet enchant (30%) and quality Curse on Hit support gem (10-11%) you get 41% Temporal Chains curse effect, which puts you very close to the cap (45%). It is possible to reach the cap with Conqueror's Potency, which also increases damage thanks to additional flask and aura effectiveness (only for Hatred).
1. Temporal Chains curse effect helmet enchant (30%)
2. Quality support gem Curse on Hit (10-11%)
Other sources of curse effect that are not as efficient
3. Old skill tree nodes (e.g. Skittering Runes)
4. Glorious Vanity Legion jewels – they randomly corrupt nodes in their radius. My jewel has number 1643 and gives me 36% curse effect. Your skill tree may end up very differently, based on how many pathing nodes you take. When divining these jewels, remember to try them out in different jewel slots. With very good pathing it may be a consideration to replace even Inspired Learning with Glorious Vanity. More about Timeless jewels here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwwsXIjiUTs

Do I need Inspired Learning jewels if I have Headhunter?

Build works without the jewels, however they increase the effectiveness of Headhunter by 60% on average. Here is further explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBdhF0b3d4k

Do I need damage from the skill tree and the gear if I just steal all damage from monsters?

Damage is very important. Without it the ramp-up (or start-up) is slower. The faster the buffs are acquired after killing rare monsters, the sooner your character becomes virtually invulnerable and be able to one-shot any boss.

Why not go pure phys Impale with this build?

The affixes from rare monsters we steal that give us most damage are “Gain 25% of Physical Damage as Extra Fire Damage“ and “ Gain 25% of Physical Damage as Extra Cold Damage“.


All gear


The character is built around it. Without is character doesn’t work. If you want budget cyclone, go for pure physical impale version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B38iYMe09cg


Shackles of the Wretched
Herald of Thunder with Curse on Hit reflects Temporal Chains on the player. Level or quality of Temporal chains doesn’t matter for the purposes of slower expiry of buffs / debuffs. The curse on hit implicit from corruption doesn’t work, the curse needs to be socketed in order to be reflected. The best lab enchant is “of reflection” to create clones of yourself. The best corruption is Elemental Weakness on Hit implicit (especially with Hatred cold conversion Watcher’s Eye), which requires +1 curse corruption on amulet. It is possible to have only one curse limit and still use Elemental Weakness Shackles, but you need to keep track of the duration remaining on your Temporal chains. When it runs out you stop cycloning to let the Herald of Thunder hit something. While doable, I don’t recommend this setup because it is not very enjoyable to play in my opinion.


Kaom’s Roots
They prevent the self-slow from Temporal Chains, however player keeps the slower expiry of buffs / debuffs. They also provide Chill and Freeze immunity. Best lab enchant and corruption are movement speed.


30% Temporal Chains curse effect enchant
Options here are either a rare helmet with life, resists and +1 range or The Gull. Rare helmet is generally better in 5 Emblem Legion fight and The Gull is generally better when mapping. It also depends on your personal preference if you want to click on the little shrines granted by The Gull. I personally don’t like The Gull because my clicking accuracy is low and when I finally hit the shrine, I could have cleared half of the map. Worth noting that there are new sextants which spawn additional shrines in the maps and The Gull increases effectiveness of all shrines. The important thing here is to get the 30% increased Temporal Chains curse effect enchant, regardless which helmet you choose.


Solstice Vigil
After killing a rare monster player gets Shaper’s Presence buff, which extends the duration of buffs and debuffs on player by 33%. It stacks ADDITIVELY with Temporal Chains, which means we need to reach 42% slower expiry of buffs on Temporal Chains to hit the 75% slower expiry cap (you can’t extend the buffs and debuffs on a player by more than 75%). That is achieved by reaching 45% curse effectiveness. The best corruption is +1 maximum curse limit to allow Elemental Weakness on Shackles.


Prismatic Eclipse
With 3 white sockets it gives GLOBAL +6 to weapon range, which gets added on top of our other weapon. White sockets can be obtained either through Vorici crafting table in Syndicate safehouse, double corruption in the Temple or Beastcraft.

Rare Essence-crafted Jewelled Foil
Use Deafening Essence of Dread on iLv 83 Jewelled Foil. This essence guarantees +3 LOCAL range on crafted weapon. Foils have 14 base range and the essence will create 17 range foil. After hitting the essence, you need to Annul bad mods and then multimod affixes that increase damage. You may get lucky and hit some high damage mod alongside the essence, in which case remember there is Beastcrafing, which allows item splitting or imprinting. Remember to use Perfect Fossil before crafting anything else (or you will have to corrupt your weapon with beastcraft to get 30% quality later). With 17 LOCAL range on the foil and +6 GLOBAL range on the Prismatic Eclipse, Cyclone will have 23 base range.

Body Armor

Carcass jack or Rare
Body armour slot allows for most variability and you can practically use whatever chest you want but I recommend Carcass or a rare body armor. Carcass Jack gives more AOE. Rare armor can have +1 curse mastercraft or -15 mana cost to socketed gems from Serrated Fossil, which would enable for better rings. Check https://poedb.tw/us/mod.php?cn=Body+Armour&an=str_armour for more details.


Rings are the only place on this build where you can fix your resists and Intelligence requirement. Without -15 mana cost body armor the rings must have open prefix for flat reduced mana cost. There is no way to get enough mana from mana leech or mana regen.


Lion’s Roar
More damage. Improves Molten Shell.

Cinderswallow Urn
Ignited enemies take 10% increased damage and grants Onslaught. Also grants up to 3% life and 3% ES recovery on kill, which is great defensive mechanic.

Atziri’s Promise
Multiplies all damage as extra chaos damage.

Alchemist’s Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline
It may seem that the duration with the Alchemist’s prefix is very low, however remember Solstice Vigil and Temporal Chains increase also flask effect duration, which makes this flask last almost 15 seconds.
Optional flasks in the fifth slot

Taste of Hate
Small damage boost for the start-up and good defensive boost at the same time. Becomes less useful once you acquire HH buffs due to diminishing returns.

Diamond or Sulphur flask with Bleed immunity
You don’t have to use a jewel with Corrupting Blood immunity (corruption implicit). Also grants damage boost for the start-up.

Dying Sun
Increased AOE.

The Wise Oak
If resists are balanced it can be great during start-up while being still relevant after getting HH stacks. After stealing resistance affix from a rare monster, it gives extra resist to all elemental resistances, which means it won’t mess up your Wise Oak balancing. Also keep in mind flask with curse immunity removes Temporal Chains, which means Elemental Weakness maps can be dangerous and this flask helps with that.


Sinvicta’s Mettle
Weapon swapping (default keybind X) into Sinvicta’s Mettle and killing at least one monster will start the Rampage counter. Swap back to main weapons and the rampage will still persist. At 1000 Rampage stacks character gains 50% movement speed and 100% increased damage. The AOE per Rampage from Sinvicta’s isn’t active once you swap back to swords.


3x Inspired Learning
3 Inspired Learnings will approximately multiply the effectiveness of Headhunter by 60%. More about it here: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBdhF0b3d4k). Inspired Learnings also steal random modifiers and can steal same modifier multiple times. That can result in some very lucky starts in 5 Emblem fights if Inspired Learnings steal extra damage affixes from one monster multiple times, which will snowball into stealing more affixes faster.

Warlord’s Reach
Extra range. 5% extra AOE implicit corruption is best. Can’t get Corrupting Blood immunity on it, because it’s a quest reward jewel (iLv 1).

Transcendent Flesh
On the left side of the tree gives +75% crit multi and can be potentially used as Corrupted Blood immunity if corrupted. It is replaceable with high DPS jewel, like Watcher's Eye or a Timeless Jewel from Legion.

Corrupting Blood immunity jewel

Conqueror's Potency
Without it the curse effectiveness is 40 - 41% and the jewel helps reach the 45% cap. Increases Hatred effectiveness. increases flask effectiveness.

Timeless Jewel
Timeless jewels can be very powerful compared to regular (or abyss) rare jewels. Some examples of powerful modifiers are: chance to Intimidate on Hit, chance to deal Double damage, chance to inflict Cold / Fire Exposure, etc. More about Timeless jewels here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwwsXIjiUTs

Watcher's Eye
Best mod is Hatred with critical strike chance for fast startup. Hatred cold conversion is good especially with Elemental weakness Shackles. Berserker has one extra jewel slot and it is easier to fit in.


Body armor

Cyclone – Infused Channeling – Pulverise – Rage – Fortify – Melee Physical Damage


Hatred – Blood and Sand – Herald of Ash – level 4 Enlighten
Level 4 Enlighten is necessary. Double level 3 Enlighten (in gloves) doesn’t work. Make sure to have all auras and heralds in gloves and helmet, otherwise it’s impossible to weapon swap.

Shackles of the Wretched

Low level Herald of Thunder (as much as your Intelligence allows) – Temporal Chains – Curse on Hit – movement skill
Quality and level of Temporal Chains doesn’t matter for self-cursing, only the quality of Curse on Hit support gem matters.

Weapon 1 - VDS

Vaal Double Strike – Maim – Melee Physical Damage Support
Clones from Vaal DS help a lot during start-up in 5 Emblem fight to kill first few rare monsters as fast as possible to start stacking HH buffs and kill the generals even in the first round. They also provide protection from monsters when looting in maps. Maim support also increases Cyclone damage. Remember the clones are not classified as minions and are snapshots of your character instead and they copy HH buffs from your character (multiple auras don’t stack). Close Combat support instead of Melee Physical Damage is a consideration, but at the time of writing the guide I didn’t know how the radius scales with the clones.

Weapon 2

Cast When Damage Taken level 1 – level 5 Punishment – high level Steelskin or Vaal Molten Shell
CWDT Punishment can occasionally give 27% MORE melee damage and 17% increased attack speed. The Punisher procs at the same time when CWDT procs, which means the enemy hits only once to grant you the buff. +1 curse on amulet or body armor Isn’t required for this curse, the Punisher buff stays on player even when the Punishment curse is overwritten with other curses

Vaal Molten Shell is better for mapping and Steelskin is better for 5 Emblem fight. Armour affixes can be stolen from rare monsters and you can end up with 30 000 shield. It also stacks with regular Molten Shell. In 5 Emblem conflict I prefer Steelskin, because VMS will share soul-gain with Vaal Double Strike, making Vaal Double Strike charge up slower. In my opinion it is important to proc VDS as soon as possible in the Timeless Conflict to start stacking HH buffs immediately and then you can kill the generals even on the first round. There is no way you would die after getting enough stacks and Steelskin in theory provides better initial shield against the first few packs compared to the regular Molten Shell.


Lunaris gives 8% movement speed alongside defensive bonuses.

Shakari gives poison immunity, which would otherwise be lethal. When extending the duration of buffs and debuffs, 2 second poison will last 10 seconds instead and will stack. Bleed and Ignite are bad as well but at least they don’t stack.

Garukhan gives extra movement speed for farming low-tier content where poison immunity isn’t needed.


Start with Alira for mana regen, resists and crit multi. Later switch to 2 points.


1. Run every map with Beyond (5 chaos) for more HH stacks
2. Curse Immune maps are possible, but you won’t have enough time to loot or interact with certain mechanics without your stacks falling off
3. Start clearing in Blood Stance with Steelskin or regular Molten Shell Active
4. Use Vaal Double Strike as soon as possible to kill any nearby rare monsters (in 5 Emblem fight some rare monsters can be tanky or have stacked proximity shields). Remember to use VDS after using flasks, because they snapshot a copy of your character (including HH buffs).
5. Weapon-swap into Sinvicta’s Mettle to get at least 1 kill and you rampage counter starts. Swap to axe only if you have stolen some affixes from monsters, otherwise you may be lacking damage.
6. Weapon-swap back to dual-wield
7. Swap from Blood to Sand Stance after getting enough HH stacks


(It got most likely patched, haven't played cyclone since the patch)

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Seems cheap.
I'm running a Zerker variant of the build!

Just missing 1 inspired at this point and a better main hand. <3 Thanks for a fun time Whisp!
shit build, cant see screen
I tried the build but can't kill Hillock wtf....
Seeing this build on your stream INSPIRES me to farm more.
this is the best guide I've ever seen thanks
not even hc viable..
not even hc viable..
HC in 2019 4Head

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