Cadrio despawns

I..... cannot express how deeply saddened I am by the fact that I had a cadiro offer for a head hunter, just under 28k perandus coins. After leaving the map, trading for the coins, and then returning to the map, all that was left was cadiro's ground effect. I quit the game and logged back in, tried completing the map and things like the legion and betrayal encounters. Nothing caused him to show up so I could interact with him. This picture is of me crying over 30k perandus coins with no way to spend them.

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Bumping thread for about the same reason. Went to my stash, because I simply don't carry 3k Peradus coins on my person at all times, and Cadrio, who had spawned from a Blight map reward, had dissapeared. I was quite confused and sad at losing an easy Exalted orb, would have been the 3rd of the league (with 4 days of playtime...)

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How many was in the party you joined to buy coins ?? And I assume you went to his HO to do the trade right ?
Yep, likely one of the people who was selling coins (or another person in the party) went in your map and bought the item.
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My understanding is that when you complete Cadiro's deal, he and his ground effect disappear. That didn't happen to me. Cadiro was missing but his ground effect never dissipated. Also I had the same number of portals before and after trading for the coins. I don't think I was scammed.
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