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Hi Guys, impale has always been a mechanic i thought was pretty interesting so i thought i will give it a try this league. Because everyone is running around cycloning, i thought it would be fun and interesting to try some non-cyclone builds

I stream sometimes on https://www.twitch.tv/astariftt playing and testing out different builds every now and then.
Try not to PM me in game or forums for questions, drop them here in the thread or come by the stream, its easier for me to answer questions on the thread as your question might benefit others as well. I am pretty much afk 95% of the time just doing trades while i am in game

3.13 changes
We lost 1 impale stack, 8% impale effect, 40% increased attack damage, 500 evasion + armor, 12 movement speed
We gained 5% fortify effect, 15% aura effect, 10% attack speed

Overall, 20% dps nerf, but we gain access to harvest crafting again to compensate for the dps loss, once again the weapon matters here. Survivability has not changed much too


Uber elder

Depth 299 lvl83 Ahuatotli(no mods affecting boss)

Depth 326 lvl 83 kurgal(more fire damage, less curse effect, attack chains)

T16 guardian map clears
Minotaur: https://youtu.be/an9OkhaqgvA
Chimera: https://youtu.be/4YGNs6JNZyk

Bladestorm explanation

New skill in 3.7, Blade storm creates a 360 degree whirling sand/blood attack from your character. The Lingering Bladestorm deals 50% of your normal attack damage and you can have up to 3 Bladestorms up. Blade storm has 2 different version based on your current stance(blood/sand), requiring you to at least have blood and sand up
Blood stance:
Less aoe, more damage, more attack speed. We use this usually for single target on tankier rares or bosses
Sand stance:
More aoe, less damage, grants a movement speed buff when you are in the sand storm. Bladestorm in this mode travels forward slowly

Having more attack speed only increases the frequency in which the bladestorm deals damage and reduces the attack speed animation. This allows us to hit and run against dangerous rares from legion.

Perforate explanation

Same as Bladestorm, Perforate is a new skill introduced in 3.7. The function of the skill varies greatly depending on your current stance
Blood stance:
Strikes the "floor", to summon 5(it looks like it summoned 5 or 6, i looked at it for a few minutes and never saw extra) spikes in a small area. This is a highly underrated skill because of how terrible the aoe is. But because this can hit the same enemy multiple times, it can highly reduce the ramp up time of impales and bring your dps to the max. To me, this feels like a replacement for the nerfed moltenstrike.
Sand Stance:
Shit, do not use this

Why Champion?
Simple, Champion has +2 maximum impale on enemies, more added phys damage based on the number of impale stacks on the enemy. Banner reservation requires no mana, which allows us to run all the auras required.

Has a budget version
Literally melts bosses within seconds(if they dont get knocked back)
Hit and run playstyle due to bladestorms
4M-5M dps easily weaving in both bladestorm and perforate
Not alot of mandatory equipments required
Budget version is strong enough to clear all content
3.11 2H base type buffs helps us alot, we kill bosses instantly-er

Min maxing can be costly(watcher's eye)
Can be super tough to calculate true dps, because we use impale and brutal restraint in the build
We dont have godtier Aoe, just decent enough to clear maps decently fast

Impale Explanation
Warning: lots of math and explanation ahead

Introduced in 3.5 with shattering steel/lancing steel, impale was not popular due to the scarcity of support/passives for it.
However, with 3.7, comes new passives and support gems that supports impale directly, allowing a 100% chance to impale for all physical skills

How it works:
Impale records the hit of the attack and deals 10% of the damage on subsequent hits
By default, impale last for the next 5 hits on maximum(can be increased by 2 via champion ascendency and 2 more with watcher's eye mod)
Assuming your first hit deals 1000 damage
Your second hit will deal 1000 damage +100(1st impale stack)
Your third hit will deal 1000 damage +100 +100(2 impale stacks)
Your fifth hit will deal 1000 damage +100 +100 +100 +100 +100(5 impale stacks)

So, by default without any increment in impale lasting extra hits or effect, assuming 100% chance to impale, impale gives 50% more damage.

Here is where the math gets complicated.
Calculating the total increased impale effect in the build
Using a lvl 20/20 impale support(59%), ascendency(8%), passives(20%), lvl 20/20 dread banner with 30%effectiveness(24%)
We will have a total of 111% increased impale effect.

To calculate how much more damage impale gives
(Impale stacks x.1) x Chance(always 1, because 100% impale chance) x ([effectiveness x.01] +1)
0.5 x 1 x 2.111 = 1.0555 = 105.55% more damage
This is assuming your impale lasts for a maximum of 5 hits

Assuming 7 hits, due to champion ascendency.
0.7 x 1 x 2.111 = 1.4777 = 147.77% more damage

Assuming 9 hits, with watcher's eye mod
0.9 x 1 x 2.111 = 1.8999 - 189.99% more damage

Assuming 10 hits, with watcher's eye mod and 1 Deep cuts from cluster jewel
1 x 1 x 2.111 = 2.111 = 211.1% more damage

So as you can see, impale scales ridiculously well with extra hits and this is the reason why the watcher's eye mod is currently 25ex(in 3.9) and going up, however getting the watcher's eye is not mandatory

TLDR; impale = 105.55% more damage without ascendency, 147.77% with master of metal champion ascendency, 189.99% more damage if you are rich and can afford a watcher's eye with impale mod 232.21% if you can assemble the exodia


Before we go into PoB, do make sure you are using the PoB community fork. Else there will be random issues or bug when you try to load my pob links

Also if you are having issues with the PoB link(error 301), add a "s" after the http before the ://, link should be https://(link)
I removed the S because some were getting error 302, which was fixed by removing the S

POB and skilltree

3.11: cluster jewels are rare as fuck, so use this

ideal set up with cluster jewel
No more Deep cuts, but still everything is great

Cluster jewel notables we want:
Large: Smite the weak, Graceful execution, anything else that adds crit or attack speed to 2h weapon

Medium: Pressure points, Precise commander
We pretty much want a combo of these 2 passive on mediums, best

Small: No
We will use rare jewels with good rolls over small passive clusters. Most efficient use of our passive points

refer to https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2783927 for all possible cluster jewel notables.


1: Unstoppable Hero
2: Inspirational
3: Master Of Metal
4: First to Strike, Last to Fall

No fortitude because all of our skills gives fortify, its too much commitment for to spend 2 points for perma fortify



Alternate quality gems:
Alternate quality bladestorm, perforate, pride, dread banner sucks
Pulverize support alternate quality 1 is good, more aoe
Flesh and stone alternate quality 1 is good for slight bit more armor/evasion
Maim support alternate quality 1 is good
Fortify alternate quality 1 is decent for slight bit more survivability
Brutality alternate quality can be good if its cheaper than awakened brutality

If there is an awakened version, you can afford it, use it. Awakened gems arent mandatory, they are good to have
Importance from left to right, right being the last to add in when you have a 6l
On Weapon

There is no point to use impale before you get 100% chance to impale, most of the enemies before maps tend to die fast anyways, so impale would usually be the last support to add in

If there is an awakened version, obviously we want it

On Armor
Perforate-Brutality-Close combat-Multistrike-Melee physical damage-Impale

Perforate absolutely sucks early game, because there wont be lots of chances to use it, bladestorm provides enough single target most of the time with better aoe. This is meant purely for late game/bossing

On Helm
Flesh and stone-Maim-Pride-Enlighten

Flesh and stone maims nearby target, nearby enemies take increased damage from the both flesh and stone and maim support, this is very strong for single target
Enlighten is here just for QOL to have more mana to work with

On Gloves
Leap Slam-Fortify
Vaal molten shell-Ancestral protector/warchief

Ancestral protector or warchief, you choose

On Boots
Enlighten-Blood and sand-Dread banner

We have more room for mana so we can level precision abit. Level at your own discretion, make sure you are mana fluid and able to constantly cast your skills


We use a 2 handed sword for weapon
Because 2 handed weapons are cheaper(you dont need to get 2 1 handers, its double the cost, probably)
It allows a second 6 link
What we want is a high pdps sword, as high as you can afford

Budget version:

Terminus Est
Gives crit, gives frenzy charges on crit. Pretty good for a starter to maps

Less budget version:

Any 2 handed exquisite blade with high pdps
exquisite blade because we want the crit multi implicit

Starforge(not voidforge, we dont do elemental damage)

Body armor

Body armor is pretty much a free slot for you to explore, honestly there is no mandatory body armor to use

Budget version:
tabula rasa, random corrupted 6l in the trade with the correct colour +life, +resist

Less budget version:
Carcass jack
Belly of the beast 6l

Carcass jack provides more aoe, makes clear better
Belly of the beast simply gives more life and resist

Not so budget version i am currently using:

I like farrul fur here because it allows us to have a perma uptime of power charges and frenzy charges.
Previously ill say this is a good to have due to cost, however farrul's fur has since became more available and obviously, this is a great upgrade to any possible slot

Extremely not budget version:
Frenzy charge on hit, Power charge on crit, crusader redeemer dual influenced chest with decent stats ontop of the 2 mods


Life, resist, added physical damage, attack speed and accuracy

Budget version:
Assassin mark on hit, more crit is always good, more accuracy is good

Not so budget version i am currently using:

Life, resist, accuracy. Not enough slot to run attack speed, ill put accuracy priority over attack speed for now


Life, resist, Movement speed are you best friend here

Budget version:
High life, High movement speed, resist, balance the different values until you can afford a pair of boots here.

Not so budget version:

Legion mobs often drop temple modded rares, something like mine wouldnt cost more than 20c. Of course, you will want more resist to free up the required resist on your other slots


Obviously t1 life and almost full t1 res is going to be expensive, i would go as close as possible without burning too much cost.

Extremely not budget version:
Elusive tailwind boots with good life and res. Redeemer/hunter influenced


Life, resist, accuracy

Not so budget version i am currently using:

This is pretty budget tho, below 1ex, but with the shit res here, i have to compensate elsewhere

Helm enchants:
Bladestorm +1 storm
Perforate +2 spikes

Enchant not mandatory, dont chase for them, the base stats are more important


Life, resist, Crit multiplier(best for scaling), crit chance, Ideally with 1 free prefix to craft increased aoe on

budget version:

Lots of accuracy, because we dont take any accuracy nodes in the passives

Not so budget version i am currently using:

This cost me 2ex, ideally just get high crit multi and a t1 life

Anointment: Kinetic impacts, no comparison here, we need that -phys damage reduction so we dont gimp our dps

Life, resist, accuracy, crit

Budget version:
Just any ring with life and resist to cap your resist and increase your overall health pool.

Not so budget version i am currently using:

The assassin's mark ring can be better with more res or accuracy, but i am not choosing considering the base is great for us.
Use abrasive catalyst on elder ring, gives more damage, we like damage

Life, resist, Stygian vise

Budget version:
We are looking for as much life as possible, with resist. Ideally with a free prefix so you could craft increased damage on it

Not so budget version i am currently using:

Crafted this myself with pristine+prismatic fossil. Aspect of the cat is there to support farrul's fur
If only the %chaos damage is increased life, thats our dream belt


Utility flasks are super important here
We need freeze, bleed, curse immunity
There are many choices, running a life flask or not is your decision

Lion's roar
Diamond flask

Good to have not mandatory:
Dying sun

I am rich and i love dps:
Bottled faith


transcendent flesh
Nerfed in 3.10 if you cant get a transcendent flesh do NOT use a tempered flesh, use a rare jewel with crit multi stat instead.
49% crit multi, very juicy for dps

Watcher's eye: this can be rarer in 3.9+ due to uber elder possibly not being as accessible
We look for mods that affect pride and precision, going down from most important to least
Impale last 2 more hits by pride
Double damage chance by pride
Critical multiplier by precision
physical damage by pride
attack damage by precision
attack speed by precision

Life is a must
Crit multi is a must
The remaining 2 stats is up to you, if you can afford, get more crit multi, else get some resist, this loosens up the res cap requirement on your gear slots.
Accuracy is decent here too
We need many rare jewels because we use rare jewels over small cluster jewels


Solaris or Lunaris are good

Abberath because i hate floor on fire
Shakari with poison immunity can be good too


+2 passives are king ever since 3.10 started


https://pastebin.com/irZt1XZZ Follow this pob, it has the path for all the different points listed below, you can choose the option to view the different tree at different level at the bottom of the pob window

Path towards leech and take some crit nodes
Any skill will do, i like frost blade because it looks cool and has a good clear. it falls off eventually due to single target

Take some life nodes and more sword nodes to the left of the tree
Blade storm should be pretty good at this point for most damage. You should be looking for physical damage swords

51-Act10(until you replace terminus est)
At this point you should be focusing on completing the critical nodes for swords

After act 10
Get some life nodes in the wheel near scion, at this point you should be added either life or damage if you feel like you need more damage. 4k+ life is enough until red maps. This is when you get vaal pact too

Tabula makes life easy with an early 6l, but 6l is absolutely not required until you progress to maps


Q: How do i go about crafting the multi modded sword
A: you dont, as of 3.9 you can no longer roll fortify/phys dmg on sword

Q: I cant reserve all the auras required
A: You will need a lvl 3 enlighten preferably, and keep precision at level 1, you should have approximately 2 cast of bladestorm before you go oom, which is sustainable


Day 2 into rebuilding the build, updated pob with new tree with cluster jewels optimized

Patch 3.10
New tree because we want to play with cluster jewels.
Not much changes and everything is good

Patch 3.9
Some nerfs due to our weapon of choice being removed

Added a FAQ section at the end

Patch 3.8
Section explaining the changes in 3.8. Build ready for 3.8

Patch 3.7.1 24/6/2019
Build added
Videos of uber elder, ahuatotli and kurgal added
My Builds/Stream

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Looks interesting. Will try out this build!
Added T16 guardian maps clear videos
My Builds/Stream

I cannot access the passive skill tree
Viable for 3.8?
I cannot access the passive skill tree

Gotta use path of building program to view the passive skill tree

bejuts wrote:
Viable for 3.8?

There is not much changes for this build in 3.8 because only cyclone got nerfed.

Brutal restraint will however be rarer in 3.8 so the cost for the less budget version might be higher
My Builds/Stream

Updated for 3.8
My Builds/Stream

Hi, this looks great. Planning to play this for league start in 3.8.

Just wondering if you have latest 3.8 POB? Thanks
kazafz wrote:
Hi, this looks great. Planning to play this for league start in 3.8.

Just wondering if you have latest 3.8 POB? Thanks

Pob link updated
My Builds/Stream


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