Excessive auto gain control in dialogue

I've noticed this a number of times, most recently "Shavronne's Manifesto" after fighting brutus in act 6. There's some sort of poorly configured automatic gain control sharply attenuating the voice lines on splosives and sibilants. Sounds exactly like there is a three year old playing with the volume knob.

If you want to normalise dialog volume I suggest processing the files with replaygain and then using a compressor.
Last bumped on Dec 11, 2023, 3:22:23 PM
I'm a new player (who else listens to dialogues, right?)

This is my main complaint.

It's annoying as hell that each time an NPC pauses their speed for a moment, the volume goes up again.

The solution would be to have a "release" time of like 2 seconds.
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