Sieg's feedback thread

The long-lasting thread for collecting the feedback from "crafting done" or other "services" clients :) Playing hardcore leagues, but as those threads are removed after the league end, this will be the new place for the thread.

My characters:

* SiegFuse
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very good got ez challenge pog
Got help with the "Allocate Legion Passives" challenge. Quick and informative, can recommend!
Yey!! first feedbacks! thanks guys.
Got the "Allocate Legion Passives" challenge, fast and helpful, no problems at all ^^
fast helpful and quick. accepted chaos instead of exalt and it only cost me 5 regrets (as marauder) highly recommend.
Quick, safe and helpful.
Patient and helpful. Accepted my alternate means of trading the jewel in a way that I felt safer and explained how the process worked.
+1 challenge, EZ and helpful. Would recommend
Just got the "Allocate Legion Passives" from this kind guy.
Although i did not really know how it works, he was very patient and helpful.

Would do it everytime again, TY!

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