[3.7] 2H 100% Conversion Tectonic Slam Chieftain

Hello everyone,

My name is Dizzy2k and PoE has been a game that I regularly have been coming back to for 3-4 years or so. Nevertheless I have never really been able to wrap my head around all the theory behind the game and thus shied away from making my own build. This character is my first attempt and I'd be glad if you guys could give me tipps or feedback on what I can improve on or what isnt optimal.

I am currently clearing my way through high red maps and the build is still doing decently well so far and is a ton of fun. Will update when I reach shaper/elder/uberelder.

Pros and Cons

+ Very good AoE and clearspeed (Insane for legions)
+ 7k+ life with Kaom's Heart and mediocre gear
+ Very tanky: high armor, fortify, enfeeble, lifesteal, high lifereg and 7+ endurance charges
+ Cheap

- Cannot run ele reflect maps
- Havent found a way to achieve good shaper/elder dps, yet
- mediocre attackspeed can feel clunky



Idea Behind the Build

As my first build a life-based melee build seemed the easiest to me. The new Warchief sounded really strong and with the phys-to-fire conversion and focus on endurance charges Tectonic Slam as skill of choice came to mind. This could definitely also work with Avatar of fire and any other physical skill but would then probably require other ascendency choices as we wont be using fire skills.

Offensively, Tectonic Slam with a ton of AoE scaling, an abundance of endurance charges and a big deeps 2H mace is what I went for. Could work with Swords or axes as well but the mace nodes seemed strongest to me, considering I went for resolute technique. Would be open to trying swords+crit in this build as well, but that would make it much less tanky and more expensive. Haste Aura for Attack speed and HoAsh for extra clear and dps. Bloodrage for Frenzy generation but currently no way to generate any charges on bosses. 4L-Warchief Totem for extra Boss dps.

Defensively, Kaom's heart and decent rares with life give a nice 7k+ life. Armor flask, Fireleech through Warchief, high armor+ (Vaal) Molten shell and 7 endurance charges give a good set of survivability.

This is really just a rough idea and not min/maxed to any extend and Id be glad for any suggestions. Somehow also cannot get over 250k Shaper dps on PoB(it doesnt count the totem tho). Would this make more sense with accuracy+crit!? Swords? Gimme all your (constructive)feedback! Maybe we can grow this thing into an actual strong and maxed out build.

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