[3.7] Deathless EQ JUGG - Say Marohi to Shaper - From Zero to Endgame [Beginner Friendly]

Since 3.7 EQ again in my top list melee skills. Great aoe, nice damage, pretty cheap and endgame highly viable.

You need gear

Only two - Marohi and Helm with reduced EQ duration enchant. That's all

My Gear

Jewels with attack speed is necessary!


PoB Link - https://pastebin.com/2FmcMBD7
Kill all bandits


Earthquake - brutality - melee phys - shockwave - less duration - ruthless
Blood and sand - pride - flesh and stone - enlighten
Vaal warchief


Why marohi but not disfavour?
Marohi have highest flat damage in the game (except 100+ex items). Main damage from EQ - aftershock.
Why jugg?
If you want high survaivabiliuty - take jugg, more damage - slayer
What endgame?
Deathless Shaper, Elder and guardians. 250+ Mine, Legion in t16 crazy maps. If you can boost your damage - you can kill uber elder.
Why maces?
Aftershock and stuns. That really helpful against Legion
You need only 2 cheap items! Build is very beginner friendly and smooth in farm.


Guide in Russian with gameplay (Red maps, Shaper) - https://youtu.be/8G0OvFNVwDE
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Updated pob stuff
This looks like fun, I might give this a try been looking for an another character to try.
this is look like a decent build for begginers ( like me) but i can load the pob link :(
If you Switch Ancestral WarChief and Enduring Cry, WarChief gets Faster Attack Support. WarChief can't use Cast when Damage Taken Support because of it's level and Enduring Cry gets nothing from it's position ether as far as I can see.

Great build I'm having fun. Semi Noob so the best I've tried.

Also, Speed in parties is a small problem, Both keeping up and attack. Leap can get stuck in narrow spaces. Attacking, Often everything is dead by the time Earthquake triggers but I only have 30% Duration Reduction. Can't use Less Duration Support gem yet only have 5 link Marohi

Duration Reduction (Found this for 1ex)

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