[3.7] Wilieross's crit BladeStorm Berserker

Hello Ross here and welcome to my second build guide constructive criticism is welcome.

This guide is about the new skill Bladestorm and how i have built around it

Update 6/27/19 I have made it to T16 maps added Transcendent Flesh and Lethal Pride jewels and made it to level 91 a long with some passive tree changes.

Good lab farm
Fast mapper
Good at Delve
5.5k hp
Can use Sand Stance for more Defences

Not the highest armour
Can't do phys reflection maps
Can't do no leech maps

Play Style
The, hit them hard and fast type of build. Leap slam around to keep up Rage and Blitz Charges.
Use Berserk on a boss when you have 50 Rage and watch it melt.

Video of gameplay https://youtu.be/8wuJO9fKEnA

Path of Building
[With leveling trees] https://pastebin.com/bce6gFfp
[Ascendancy order] Flawless savagery,Blitz,Crave the slaughter,Rite of Ruin

Required Gear
Use rare gloves till you can get Atziri's Acuity.
The rest can be Rare with +life and resistances and armour and any adds # to # to Physical to attacks where you can get it

For Jewels get %life and Crit strike multiplier or attack speed and at least one jewel with % of physical attack damage leeched as mana

In order of importance

[Body Armour] BladeStorm,Ruthless,Brutality,Multistrike,Melee Physical damage,Maim Support

[Helmet] Leap slam,Blood magic,Enduring Cry,Fortify
Spam Enduring Cry to keep endurance charges up for Immortal Call

[Weapon] Herald of Purity,Blood and Sand,War Banner,Berserk,Vengeance,Culling Strike

[Gloves] Assassin's Mark lvl 10,Cast when Damage Taken lvl 7,Phase Run lvl 9,Summon Ice Golem lvl 9

[Boots] Flesh and Stone,Cast when Damage Taken lvl 8,Steelskin lvl 14,Immortal Call lvl 20
Use Immortal Call when you know you are going to get hit hard

My gear

Make sure you get a Lethal Pride with Rakiata and put it in the jewel socket by Golem's Blood and Transcendent Flesh go's in the socket by Stamina.

Well thats it hope you enjoy will be updating this with some pics and videos.
Ask me questions here www.twitch.tv/wilierross

6/21/2019 10:35 Am EST Added gameplay video under play style.
6/27/19 Removed impale tree to much to keep up with
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