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some people just sometimes have the urge to play a poison build like i did. So i created the perfect one.

Update: I recently received a message asking about this build. Although im not playing this build currently in 3.10, i have decided to update the guide.

So what i said about how the damage worked on my first reply was wrong. That was how pre 3.0.0 posion worked. It no longer scales of the hit of the skill. It now scales of of 20% of your physical and chaos damage of the skill and the Damage over time of poison is calculated separately.

So dual wielding claws will more beneficial that using a shield.



Look for a weapon with a high chaos damage roll and poison has 60% chance to deal 100% more damage.
Despair on hit is not entirely required but a nice thing to have.
If you want to craft a rare claw like this, keep slamming a ilvl 82+ claw with abberant fossils
This is the best budget claw you can use.

This is BiS so you want this. It is also fairly cheap for a 6link around 60 chaos or so.


We use this for the added chaos damage and extra defence via spider webs

Other Armour:
Look for helm and boots with Life and resists

Get one ring with 400+ accuracy to solve all of your accuracy problems.
Craft added Chaos Damage on your amulet and rings


Look for jewels with
Increased Damage Over Time
Increased Maximum Life
Attack Speed while holding a Shield
attack Speed with claws


Chest: Vaal Spectral Throw-Deadly Ailments-GMP-Vile Toxins-Unbound Ailments-
Added Chaos Damage

Helmet: Whirling Blades-Faster Attacks-Blood Magic-Fortify

Boots: Herald of Agony-Pierce-Vicious Proj-Culling Strike

Offhand: CWDT- Blood Rage-Withering step

Gloves: Spell Totem-Wither- lightning golem
- SteelSkin

Due to the low amounts of physical damage we do, we do not pick up and leech nodes on the tree. We rely on life gain on hit and flasks to stay alive


1.Nature's Boon
2.Nature's Reprisal
3.Master Toxicist
4.Nature's Adrenaline

T16 Minotaur - https://youtu.be/lRkuguysomI

Feel free to make any changes you want
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Very cool build!

Do you really need Pierce supporting the Agony Crawler for clear speed? It looks like the Spectral Throw wipes the entire screen very easily by itself. The best setup I could think of for this would be Damage on Full Life, Minion Damage and Culling Strike as the 3 supports.

Also, your rare claw has "chance for poison inflicted with this weapon to deal double damage", so since Spectral Throw alternates weapons while dual wielding only the projectiles of your rare claw will have the chance to do double.

If you had two claws with that mod, I bet your damage goes up by a TON.

Or even maybe a really good shield. The only bad thing about a shield is that you lose all the dual wield inherent buffs.
Pierce is not necessarily required,but it does help with clearing legion packs since the poison prolif doesnt work with the frozen monsters.

Have duel claws isnt worth trading for the defences gained from a shield while it does give more life gain on hit, you will have less life and resists. The chaos damage mod and the poison double damage mod is only local to that individual claw. So have two different claws with different modifiers will result in two different stacks of poison being applied to the enemy cancelling each other out. So you would only have one stack of poison which will lower damage.

Poison scales based of the initial chaos hit and how make stack you have.
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Any chance for PoB link?
Here is a PoB of this somewhat niche, but still awesome, build.


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Hi i'm trying to craft a Gemini Claw for a variation of this build. What would your ideal claw look like? I currently have one with everything good except the despair on hit and was wondering if I should keep rolling specifically for that mod or is witchfire brew good enough?
Very nice build, what about the pantheon?
gonna try phys-based assassin variation. I'll post an update later if it goes well
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Any gems go in the weapon?

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