[3.7] Fire Earthquake Chieftain

Hello this is my attempt at a "build guide"(more of a tombstone for my HC Legion Leauge starter) xD

For legion I went with EQ but decided to go chieftain mainly because the rework and I had aldready played Slayer EQ. As the leauge went on I pulled inspiration from multiple EQ guides and respect countless times untill I came up with this setup after blessed rng gave me a near perfect Kongors and fairly good gear.

Pros and Cons
+ Fun!
+ Tanky
+ Bosskiller
+ Easy to gear(Cheap)
+ Can do nearly all map mods
+ League starter
+ Lab farmer
+ Not a meta slave(I think)
+ Pretty explosions

- Mediocre clear-speed
- Melee(In the danger zone)
- Expensive to min-max(EQ enchant and Lion's roar)
- Evidently not tanky enough to face-tank Legion Rare mobs in red tier maps :(
- Gem-socket starved
- Herald mtx is "requierd"

PoB link (My setup at death with some tweaks)

Sry for how bad this is but as previously stated this is basically a tombstone for my char xP
Last bumped on Jun 20, 2019, 5:22:48 AM

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