[3.7] - The Basic Boy Essence Drain Trickster (No frills, nothing fancy, gets the job done!)

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What is this build and why is it worthy of a guide?

The Basic Boy Essence Drain Trickster is a build based around getting the biggest bang for your buck.

It has a very low gear investment.

It doesn't do any complicated skill tree shenanigans or synergies that can be difficult and confusing to balance properly to feel any effect on your character.

Uses easy to set up in game synergies bestween skill gems and ascendancy points.

Hence the Basic Boy name, it just works in the most simple version of this build.

What can it do?


But seriously, it can do everything. Quick mapping, all map mods, all map bosses, all endgame bosses, deep delving, you name it.

Now it may not do all of these things as well as some other builds, but those build require massively expensive items and jewels.

For the amount of gear investment and setup required it punches further above it's weight than pretty much any other build out there.

With this balance or proven skills, new skills, ascendancy powers and pantheon choices you can dominate the Legion League!

Who is this for?

Those who want to destroy entire Legion League monolith encounters in just a couple of button presses.
Those who want a powerful build that is quick and easy to get working.
Those who want to run all map mods without needing to spend time and currency rerolling maps.
Those who want to run multiple types of content (farming, mapping, bossing, delving, etc etc) without needing to make multiple characters.
Those who want easy to get gear that isn't massively rare, very expensive or gated behind hard to find and expensive crafting options.
Those who want to try out a new build type and want to be sure it will be a sucess.
Those who want to try out Solo Self Found or minimise trading in the trade leagues.
Those who find one button builds boring.



While leveling a vendor recipe weapon is great, I got to maps with a level 8 wand this league.

Trade a blue wand and a chaos skill gem to a vendor for a +1 chaos gem wand.

Two of these (one for ED and one for Contagion) will see you though the early and mid game easily.

End game wands focus on just a few of stats.

% Non-ailment Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier

Spell Damage

% Chaos Damage

Chest, Boots, Gloves, Helm & Jewellery


Evasion Bases work best, but try to get an energy shield base for the helm due to the Escape Artist ascendancy skill synergy.

Stats to focus on are Life, resistances, evasion rating and movement speed for boots.

Jewellery can be good for life, resistances and additional cast speed and spell damage or chaos damage depending on the bases.



Panicked Divine Life Flask of Staunching.

Quartz Flask, Silver Flask, Jade Flask, Granite/Basalt Flask.

Try to get Ample or Experimenters prefixes to increase the amount of flask uses before they run dry.

Heat and Warding are essential suffixes, then less important are ones like Reflexes, Grounding, Iron Skin, Curing, Dousing.



Spreading Rot is an Act 5 quest reward and is fantastically powerful for the blight skill.

Rare Cobalt jewels look for % Non-ailment Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier, % Life, % Chaos or % Damage

Skill Gems:


Gem Links or listed in the order they are best used, so if you have a 3 link, use the first three and so on.

Essence Drain - Efficacy - Controlled Destruction - Swift Affliction - Void Manipulation - Decay (if you have access to a level 3 or level 4 Empower gem then replace Decay)

Contagion - Arcane Surge - Intensify - Increased Area of Effect (Keep Arcane Surge's level low enough that it will proc from one cast of contagion)

Vaal Blight - Infused Channelling - Controlled Destruction - Swift Affliction

Cast when Damage Taken - Steelskin - Temporal Chains

Bane - Despair (Will break barrels and vases in a large AoE, also useful as a one button press if just one small skeleton is walking around alone and to apply a curse if something should require it)


Mana Resovation:
Malevolence - Flesh and Stone (Sand Stance)

Levelling: Skill Trees


Take The nodes in the colour codes areas in this order:
Green - Red - Yellow - Blue - Purple (the purple nodes can be taken in any order as you need them or even before one of the other colours if you feel you need more life for example)

Right click and open in new window for a bigger image.



Swift Killer
Patient Reaper
Ghost Dance
Escape Artist

If you wanted a more glass cannon build you can take Prolonged Pain and Weave the Arcane instead of Ghost Dance and Escape Artist but I don't reccomend it myself.



Soul of Lunaris - Fully upgraded
This helps to avoid the main dangers of Legion Legaue, the monolith rare monsters. It synergises very well with the Flesh and Stone skill.

Soul of Ryslatha - Fully upgraded
This allow for a massive heal after taking significant damage, it synergises with the panicked life flask.

Path of Building link:

If you have any questions please ask them here and also feel welcome to stop by my twitch stream, if I am live I am always happy to answer anything there.

I stream daily at twitch.tv/CellTank
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I stream daily at twitch.tv/CellTank
Edit:Sorry I'm dumb, I didn't think of the damage you're getting from 4 frenzy charges

Original Comment:Why not take prolonged pain instead of swift killer? It gives almost twice as much damage.
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Don't use flesh and stone. It only buffs Melee Skills' AoE, not any skills'. The blind is hardly worth it.
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Quelex wrote:
Don't use flesh and stone. It only buffs Melee Skills' AoE, not any skills'. The blind is hardly worth it.

The blind is utterly fantastic, then the projectile damage reduction of anything outside of the blind radius is even better! Carry on using it peeps!

There is no mention on that skill gem anywhere of it increasing the AoE of any skills. It has the AoE tag as your other AoE sources apply to the radius of the aura on your character. Did you read it properly or are you mixing it up with something else?
I stream daily at twitch.tv/CellTank
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So this build doesn't use Phase acrobatic? is it viable in HC without it?

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