[3.7] Death Aura/RF jugg

Been wanting to try this combo out for awhile and finally got around to doing it this league, damage feels nice and still has the jugg tankyness.

This build is still being developed so will update once everything is final, here's a look at the work in progress.

https://youtu.be/eIXFux8ablM - T15 Acid Caverns

Current Gear and gem links.

Current Passive Tree with jewels

Kill all

Will update with more indepth guide once build is finished :)
Last bumped on Aug 18, 2019, 3:03:35 PM
Nice build, definitely gonna try it later
oh buddy. Your build works perfectly with a lethal pride jewel i just rolled that gives 4% life regen in the jewel slot near the duelist starting area.
Since death aura doesn't scale off elemental damage, seems as if you would be better off just going pure RF
Can you please do a pastebin? :))

PoB link for ppl interested
Have you attempted to slot in a Timeless Jewel? The Vaal one gives Divine Flesh which increases Max Chaos Res by 10%, couple that with Saffels Frame and you get 89 Max Chaos Res. Divine Flesh also causes 50% of ele damage to be taken as Chaos.
i'm trying your build because it's look hell of fun!

so far i've noticed that the hard part is lvling and doing Bosses.
any Tips or advises regarding this part?
why use fluid motion ?

Any updates? Would like to try this before the league wraps up.

What did you level with? When were you able to start using both auras?


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