We're excited to announce another race event, arranged by community member, Kammell! We're offering our support by providing an ExileCon prize package for the Rank 1 winner who will be flown to New Zealand to attend ExileCon and compete in the live ExileCon race finale!

The event will have players competing to reach level 80 in SSFHC Legion. There will be no additional mods aside from the Legion itself. The event is open for everyone (however, there is a private league cap of 2,000 players), so if you'd like to join, you can request an invitation here.

In addition to a cash prize pool, funded by Kammell himself, the first winner will get an Exilecon prize package which includes a VIP Exilecon Ticket, an entry into the grand racing finals at ExileCon, return flights to New Zealand and accommodation around the event.

The event will begin at 12pm Saturday 29th June (PDT). You can find a countdown here. Casting will be done by ZiggyD, Octavian and Brittleknee!

For more information about the event, check out Kammell's official post.

Best of luck to our racers! If you're unable to participate in this event, don't worry, we have two more ExileCon qualification events planned in the upcoming weeks, so keep an eye on our announcements! In the meantime, be sure to watch the action next Saturday on Twitch!
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Grinding Gear Games
Bring back official race seasons with point rewards and race ladders.
IGN: Emfx
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No thank you.
Emfx wrote:
Bring back official race seasons with point rewards and race ladders.

Ditto on this. I really miss the old races
IGN : Frosty__Buns / Malkanis
no ty
Will the other two races also be held as a private league with a limited number of spots or be more open?
Imperial Terraces hideout: thread/2257515
Oriath Gardens hideout: thread/2325653

Forum moderation is pathetic. Removing this line from my signature without notifying me was just another proof of it.
Thank me later for NOT participating in this

so everyone else has a fair chance!


Any chance to bring back the former race point rewards for alt arts?
League just started. Who has all this time to play?
Good luck!
IGN: JerleKingSlayer/JerleTS/GGG_forcedmeto_ED
WOahhh I will win one of these some dayyyy

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