[3.7] Cyclone Crit Slayer - Uber Killer, fast clearing, full content (Video inside)

Hello everyone, just another one Cyclone Slayer build. This one with huge damage and 4400 HP (and we die very very seldom), that could easily destroy all bosses in Legion League without any problem

Build costs around 40-50 ex, but for Shaper will be enough 5-10 ex build, so you can farm Shaper for Starforge

https://youtu.be/OVMctKH5d2M - Minotaur
https://youtu.be/fFWoY-Q8GR8 - Full 5 Legion Bosses
https://youtu.be/xIBptBh_nEA - Hydra map run
https://youtu.be/6W4uQu9uWLI - Shaper
https://youtu.be/Mhj6nMNeXy8 - Uber Elder
https://youtu.be/i_M3Fv-Ab30 - Uber Atziri

As I see no interest from the viewers I decide to close this build thread.

If someone is interested, you can see full build on russian forum, where it is #1 build for Slayer Cyclone - https://ru.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2541599

POB: https://pastebin.com/yL4nrsWw
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After update on POE ninja, my character entered to TOP-50 Cyclone Slayers among all players (47 place)


Detail info from POE ninja: https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds/char/Sharoplet/Charopleteg?i=46&search=class%3DSlayer%26skill%3DCyclone%26sort%3Ddps
if you dont have +1 curse, is it better to run punishment or vulnerability and why?
deadremix wrote:
if you dont have +1 curse, is it better to run punishment or vulnerability and why?

I have 3 curses - Assasin's Mark on the ring, punishment and vulnerability. I have 2 curses that I can curse the mobs (1 + 1 from amulet). Vulnerability works as an aura, Assasin's Mark work's while we spin with the cyclone. So these 2 curses are 100% time active. Punishment works on CWDT, so it curse enemies not very often and usually curse range attack mobs. The idea of Punishment curse is to gain buff from enemies that are under this debuff (usually it is ranged mobs out of the area of cyclone). So all our enemies which are in cyclone zone are under 2 debuffs - Assasin's Mark and Vulnerability and you are often with the buff from Punishment.

If you want to use just 1 curse I advise you to use Assasin's Mark, because critical chance is more effective in our build - for example I have 500+% crit multi, so crit chance is the key to the damage, while armor debuff is not so critical, because we have other aura's that works in that direction (for examlpe Flesh and stone + Maim gives us mode that enemies gain 30% more ph. damage.

You also could use Assasin's Mark and punishment on CWDT while you have only 1 active curse, it will work as needed - enemies 99% of time will be under Assasin's Mark debuff and you will be 20-30% of time with the Punishment buff (ph. damage and attack speed buff). Punishment usually works in most hard fights when there are lots of enemies (for example Legion on maps). This trick works just with Punishment as it gives you buff, no other curse except it wouldn't work with this mechanics.
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why do you do less duration on blood rage? wouldn't replacing that with faster attacks be better for leap slam?
deadremix wrote:
why do you do less duration on blood rage? wouldn't replacing that with faster attacks be better for leap slam?

You know, you are right, I put less duration to delete HP loss after I kill pack of mobs from blood rage, but after testing it seems I lost only 200 HP which almost instantly recovered with HP regen. So I will put there something interesting, faster attacks is not bad choice, but I think about Power Charge On Critical Support to gain power charges during boss fights...
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I changed the tree and add some new staff to build, will add some additiomal info to build tomorrow.
Build is updated, we have now 6+ mil Shaper DPS.

New POB:
On https://poe.ninja my build is in TOP-10 DPS among all Cyclone Slayers (and in TOP-3 with Impale Cyclone):

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Updated Uber Elder video. With all changes we had it now looks like this:

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