Attack Hits not landing on monsters despite Resolute Technique / high accuracy

I've been experimenting with different melee skills (sunder, sweep, bladestorm, etc) and have been noticing that, fairly frequently, my first couple swings at a monster pack don't hit. This is despite the fact that I often have Resolute Technique allocated, or otherwise have high accuracy (99% chance to hit).

It's very frustrating.

I play on lockstep, ~60ms ping, Texas server.

(Also, movement skills like leap slam double/triple cast.)
Last bumped on Jul 2, 2019, 3:43:59 AM
Is anyone seeing this? Come on guys the game feels really bad how we can still miss? Also 48-60 ping both " lockstep" and "predictive"... please fix this, work in change to make this a local interaction I don't know :c

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