[3.7] Berserker - 2H Axe Cyclone Crit | 8+mil DPS | Tanky | Fast | (Cheap)

Updated 22/06

The build has great defenive skills and the clear speed is decent. Mapping is a breeze now, legion and bosses die extremely fast.

Working on upgrading my gear now, most of my gear is rather just random gear I found along the way. I've spent around 1ex so far on the build.

With a Helmet change and armor you can push 13mil DPS while mapping, you won't get vs Elder due to fact you won't have 50 stacks of rage.

Pros -
Decent. That's about it, like any build with right gear you can do all content.

Cons -
Rage, stacking takes time without rather large investment. I tried doing the skill setup along with gem but trade off is just to big.
Physical Reflect.

Gem setup, is always changing as I find new gear and test new ideas. Atm, I I have INT issue as I swapped a ring out, so until I get INT ring or some on my Amulet I have to waste skill points on the tree.

------ Build is based off my current gear ------


Make sure to change the flasks based on which aura option your running to get correct numbers.
Flask 1 - 59% more damage (Aura Option 1)
Flask 2 - 79% more damage (Aura Option 2) requires - mana cost ring to work.






CWDT + Blood Rage

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PoB links is broken.
Drwattsy wrote:
PoB links is broken.

Fixed, some stupid reason I break the whole thing when I was editing it.

Now, to get 10mil+ DPS you need change your helm to Abyssus, but Legion just hits so god damn hard I had to drop it, I've done T16 Maps Red Elder, but legion still hits harder...
Can you post a skill tree link? I'm still pretty new and have no idea what I'm doing.
If you can take it easy, take it twice.
This seems like an interesting build, and I'm going to try it out.

Oh, hey, what about the bandits? Oak or passives I'd assume?
Hey, will you be putting up some videos ? would really like to see this build in action, since i don't find many guides that use Rage/closecombat in cyclone :P

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