[3.7] Molten Shell Arc Totem Hierophant | 29k Molten Shell Absorb | Top 10 Legion Hierophant ladder

Currently level 95 in Legion with Uber shaper dead using this as my league starter.


Credit to builds this one is based off:
[3.7] LL RF Scorching Ray Guardian | 19K ES | 52k Armour|1.5 mil dps| Uber Elder & HoGM DEATHLESS:
[3.7] MrSeanConnor's CRIT/Arc Totem - Hierophant 3.6 MIL DPS / BEGINNER FRIENDLY [All Content]:

Full clear of Vaaled Forge of the Phoenix in 3 min 30 seconds

Path of Building link : https://pastebin.com/xkJ9L6QZ

This build is totally doable as a league starter since I was originally planning to just use arc totems as a easy league starter and then transition into a Molten Shell energy shield build but combining the insane dps of arc totems with the near invulnerability of Molten Shell + ES turned out to be really strong combo.

Pros & Cons:

➕ FAST Clearspeed
➕ Super easy to scale dps
➕ Super easy to scale defensives
➕ Build is functional from level 12 with Arc totem.
➕ Core build depends on six 1 chaos unique anyone can get but still has a lot of optional expensive unique to work towards.
➕ Does not care about map mods
➕ Strong Boss killer

➖ Have to be a bit careful with Chaos damage
➖ Molten Shell and Wicked Ward has a high skill cap and can be hard to learn
➖ Since everything can scale your dps and health getting enough elemental resists will be your mortal enemy
➖ Damage over time bypasses Molten Shell

Legion compatible? ☑️ 👍💯
Full res video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZx7KCu_8S8

Core Uniques:

Current gear



Gem Setups:

Main Skill
- Arc
- Added Lightning Damage
- Increased Critical Strikes Support
- Lightning Penetration (to deal with +ele resist)
- Controlled Distruction Support
- Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance (mitigate ele reflect)
- Faster casting
- Elemental Focus (if you don't shock)

Molten Shell
- Vaal Molten Shell
- Efficacy
- Increased Duration
- Increase Area of Effect (Not sure if it actually does anything)

- Conductivity
- Increase Area of Effect
- Arcane Surge around level 10
- Spell Cascade

- Flame Dash
- Faster Casting
- Summon Lightning Golem
- Culling Strike

- Discipline
- Determination
- Enlighten

Skill Tree

Ascendancy - Hierophant
1. Pursuit Of Faith
2. Ritual Of Awakening
3. Divine Guidance
4. Sanctuary Of Thought

- Soul of Arakaali, 50% recovery rate after damage over time is a huge so unlock that asap
- Soul of Shakari, Poison immunity is required since it bypasses Molten Shell AND Energy shield

Help Alira: 5 Mana Regenerated per second, +20% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier, +15% to all Elemental Resistances. ( +15 all resist is a gift from god to this build)


Transitioning to Energy shield
When I leveled and started out with maps I was more life focused so it's totally viable early on to keep 3-4k life and less energy shield. Pick up a few life nodes and maybe some life on gear to maintain at least 3k life and you will be totally fine without Presence of Chayula since Molten Shell will
When pivoting to Energy shield make sure you have the following,

- Shaper's Touch , I don't know exactly why but this gives a ton of ES over 1.2k energy shield, better than any perfectly rolled ES gloves
- Sanctuary of Thought, This is another 2k energy shield from converting mana to energy shield
- Memory Vault , + 200 mana and +250 Energy shield makes this just an insane item that gives us another 1.3k energy shield this doesn't even mention the biggest benefit Memory Vault give which is giving armour equal to mana, so this is where the majoirty of our armour (for molten shell) comes from 18k out of 50.3k with Granite flask
- Presence of Chayula , You need this for the stun immunity when going ES. The +60% chaos res is also required to deal with chaos damage while having a small life pool.
-Remove Freeze flask, Freeze is based off max hp so you will need a "Of the heat" flask and try to keep it up 100% of the time.
--"Of Dousing" flask, damage over time bypasses Molten shell and prevents ES recharge so this is a super important part.
-"Of staunching" flask, Bleeds immunity for the same reasons as burn immunity. Possible late game options are Death's door which lets you swap to a Soul ripper flask but I didn't do this until level 95 so you don't need Soul ripper or Death's door and a staunching flask will work. Just be a bit more careful in maps and time Vaal Molten Shell's with huge packs, you can think of Vaal Molten Shell as your big defensive cooldown you pop for big fights.

Watcher's eye
+# Armour while affected by determination
+#% faster start of energy shield recharge while affected by discipline

The +# armour is huge for Molten shell and this alone gives me over 3k armour. Although the majority of the armour will come from mana nodes and Memory Vault converting mana to armour.

Faster start of energy shield recharge is another huge part of this build since it uses the new 3.7 keystone Wicked Ward, for 4 seconds after taking damage energy recharge is not stopped by damage. Baseline is no damage for 2 seconds to start energy shield recharge so normally you would get 2 seconds of un-interruptable ES recharge but with +% faster start of recharge that's a little less time you have to dodge damage to start ES recharge and little bit more time you get full ES recharge. I have 2750 Energy shield recharge per second so the difference between 2 seconds of that vs 2.7 seconds is HUGE. Only having to dodge damage for 1.3 seconds with 55% faster start makes thing a lot easier as well.

This is another possible sub if you feel like you are constantly waiting for ES recharge to start.

Elegant Hubris
This is a new Jewel in legion but all you do is buy a uncorrupted one and divine it until you get good notable passives in the locations you want. Don't invest to much into transformed nodes though, this build has an insane amount of powerful nodes to pick from so we don't need to spend 3 points to get +80% spell damage. If you can transform the +30 str and +30 dex nodes into something useful that's good enough.

If you can get it to say Commissioned # coins "to commemorate Victario" you can pick up avatar of fire which will be transformed into Supreme Grandstanding. This keystone is pretty minor but it lets you steal some power, frenzy, endurance charges of enemies occasionally.

Strong nodes
+50% resists
+80% Armour
+80% Spell damage
+15% cast speed
+80% critical strike chance to spells
+40% critical strike multiplier

+1 totems
pseudo +#% total Critical Strike Chance for Spells
Whatever good stuff you can find str, energy shield, armour, resists, mana, life, damage is all good

+RESISTS for the love of god get a lot of resists

Cooldown recovery and Flask charges is something you want on belt but you desperately need resists on belt (and probably some on jewels).

Jewels (Crimson Jewel)

+#% Global Critical Strike Multiplier
#% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Lightning Skills
#% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Elemental Skills
#% increased Armour
pseudo +#% total Elemental Resistance
#% increased Totem Damage
pseudo #% increased Lightning Damage

Abyss Jewel (Hypnotic Eye Jewel)

pseudo +#% Global Critical Strike Multiplier
pseudo +#% total Elemental Resistance
Adds # to # Lightning Damage to Spells
Adds # to # Lightning Damage to Spells while holding a Shield

pseudo #% increased Spell Damage
pseudo Adds # to # Lightning Damage to Spells
Gain #% of Lightning Damage as Extra Chaos Damage
pseudo +#% total Cast Speed
pseudo +#% total Critical Strike Chance for Spells
#% increased Lightning Damage

I recommend looking in Path of building to see how big a damage increase each roll is worth for your character

Map Mods Overview

Players cannot Regenerate Life, Mana or Energy Shield,
This is probably the mod that causes the most trouble for builds, Luckily we have Sanctuary of Thought which reduces mana costs by 100% when on full energy shield so you can still cast all skills while on 0 mana if you have full energy shield.

This mod also only affects regen effects but with Wicked Ward we only rely on Energy shield RECHARGE so our ES generation is unaffected. You can't cast skills while damaged but overall it doesn't slow you down much, just be a bit careful and dodge damage for ES recharge to start then with 2.6k recharge you should stay on max ES for most of Wicked ward to free cast as normal.

Players are cursed with X,
Ha, like we even care because with 2x Kikazaru we get reduced 80% curse effect and Sanctum of Thought which is a new passive added in 3.7 it reduces curse effect by another 20% so that gives us 100% curse effect reduction, THEY DO NOTHING. In fact with Self-Flagellation we get 20% damage per curse so "This is a buff".

Damage mods,
With a 29k Molten Shell absorb on command you really don't care.

Monster life/Hexproof,
If you look at the skill tree this build is full glass cannon, we stack spell damage, elemental damage, crit chance, crit multi, cast speed, and totem damage so don't worry about damage, we have all the damage.

We don't leech

Elemental reflect,
Ok this one is a little annoying and probably the worst map mod. Elemental will kill your totems and since they can one shot rares the rares will probably one shot them back. Unfortunately sometimes you have to trade lives, 1 totem for 7 mobs is what you have to sacrifice in reflect maps. I run Minion and totem resists to mitigate this a little bit but you just have to spam cast totems and it will slow you down a bit. If I get ele reflect on a low quant map I prefer to just reroll it but you can still do 130% quant guardians with reflect perfectly fine if you have to.

Simple arc totem leveling guide from Mrseanconnor's Arc totem build (for more in depth you can look at his build guide from the credits)
You can start with spark at Level 1! Until you reach Arc at Level 12.
Support the skill with Added Lightning Damage Support at Level 8.
Then you add Faster Casting support (Lvl 12) and Elemental Focus Support (Lvl 18)
IF you have Tabula you can add: Increased Critical Strikes Support (Lvl 8) and Controlled Distruction Support (Lvl 18)

When you reach Ancestral Bond in tree you will need to swap Faster Casting Support for Spell Totem Support UNTIL you can Equip Soul Mantle at Level 49.

OBS!! Socketed Gems in Soul Mantle (Arc in this case) Is supported by Level 20 Spell Totem Support
So When you got Soul Mantle - Swap Spell Totem Support for Increased Critical Damage SUpport.


What is Molten Shell?
Molten Shell was changed in 3.7 and now does the following,
- 75% of Damage from Hits is taken from the Buff before your Life or Energy Shield
- Buff can take Damage equal to 20% of your Armour, up to a maximum of 10000
Vaal Molten Shell reads,
- 80% of Damage from Hits is taken from the Buff before your Life or Energy Shield
- Buff can take Damage equal to 60% of your Armour, up to a maximum of 30000

20% of armour with a cap of 10k gives us a convenient cap of 50k armour to work towards. We use Memory Vault and Determination with some strong Energy shield + armour and mana nodes with a granite flask to get about 50k armour. There is 18% armour rolls on Jewels and +80% armour from Elegant Hubris which can also help us out with capping out this absorb. Vaal Molten Shell can be a bit awkward to use since you can accidentally refresh the vaal version with a normal molten shell buff which is only 1/3rd as powerful. To stop this from happening the best thing to do is just always use Molten shell right before you use Vaal Molten shell, this way molten shell will be on cooldown and wont be ready until after Vaal molten shell as expired.

- Yes Chaos damage will bypass our 6.8k-ish energy shield and hit our 1.6k health pool but only pussies care about chaos damage. Most maps you wont see any chaos damage and almost no end game bosses does chaos damage, we are immune to poison and the game is balanced around people having -60% chaos resist. With Presence of Chayula we get 0% chaos resist. The small health pool we do have is enough to deal with chaos damage.
Without Zealot's Oath life regen still works normally and Kikazaru gives us 1 life regen per level and with only 1.6k health this is actually a huge amount of life regen. At level 90 you get 11% life regen per second from them and with a Panicked life flask it will fully heal you when on low health, poison immunity is pretty key here as well. Plus we have Molten Shell which is meant to soak any big hits.

We have 40% Mind over matter and a ton of mana regen as well but if your unreserved mana is way less than 40% of health consider removing MoM since being mana starved prevents you from casting flame dash and Molten Shell.

What is Wicked Ward?
-Energy Shield Recharge is not interrupted by Damage if
Recharge began Recently

Another new keystone added in 3.7, it causes your energy recharge not to be interrupted by damage if it started recently (4 seconds). This allows us to go ES without investing a ton of effort into it like getting Shavs or Zealot's oath. This is furthered covered in the gearing section. Most of the time energy shield recharge starts so quickly you don't really notice anything but if you are taking a lot of damage flame dashing out for a second just to start the recharge can be useful. After the recharge has started you can jump back in, preferably with molten shell popped.

If you got any questions you can ask me in this thread or add in me in game at @AxeLond_MoltenRF. May stream at https://www.twitch.tv/hazelgnash
IGN: @AxeLond_MoltenRF

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/hazelgnash
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IGN: @AxeLond_MoltenRF

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/hazelgnash
Hi! I am playing in your build at ps4, and I like it :) Now I am 81 lvl and have a few questions:
1) I noticed that I can take the freeze at full hp and almost full es, and I dont understand why it happens(
2) At pa4 we have very poor market, and it is hard to find good shield with +1 totem. I want to buy shaped shield, and try to catch +1 totem mod by chaos or alteration orbs. Will it work?

I quite dont understand whats going on with your build. Care to explain molten shell interaction a little?

Thanks for the build, really liking it, excellent build, played your ice spear totems before this build (that was great too).....

Couple of questions here:
1. What is the use of the costly Soul Ripper Flask?
2. How to trigger "Arcane Surge", because after Uber Lab, it is not working and my curse setup is free to use... (ie 0 mana / no mana)....

Can you please help!! Once again Thanks...

Am I missing something Sanctum of thought says nothing about 20%?

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