Tulfall does not work properly with inner conviction

When used with inner conviction, no power charge is gained after hitting maximum power charges. I think the problem is that the power charge generated by Tulfall happens right before all power charges are removed. If the order was reversed, the power charge would be gained after all the others were removed.

I can't be sure this is what's happening, as I do not have a Templar to test whether or not the power charge is being gained at all, but the end result is the same.
in debt to in5an for my beta key!
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Yes, you gain the Frenzy Charge (which Inner Conviction replaces with a Power Charge) before losing all Power Charges. This is correct behaviour, not a bug.

Reversing the order is not something we can do as that would introduce an infinite loop in the case where you reduce maximum power charges to 1.
Couldn't there be a small (<0.1s) internal cooldown to Tulfall's frenzy charge gain to avoid the stress of said infinite loop?

I only ask because I was hoping to do some shenanigans with Voll's Devotion, so if it's balance that's the issue, I understand.
in debt to in5an for my beta key!

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